ABC’s “Speechless”, Not Your Typical Sitcom

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Special  by Joanne Grana

(Confessions of a Disabled Diva)

Speechless, a new ABC comedy stars Minnie Driver, who plays Maya Dimeo.  Her oldest son, JJ, played by Micah Fowler has Cerebral Palsy.  JJ is nonverbal and like his character, Fowler has Cerebral Palsy in real life. He previously appeared in the 2013 film, Labor Day.

Maya is determined to give her special needs son the best life possible and not neglect  the rest of her family. John Ross Bowie plays Driver’s husband. The children are played by Mason Cook and Kyla Kenedy.

From the creators of Fresh Off The Boat, this comedy is  filled with humor and empathy.  Speechless shows how raising a special needs child impacts the whole family. From what is gleaned from the trailer (see below), Driver as leading lady is  equally commanding and hilarious.

Hollywood Reporter Daniel Fienberg writes: “Minnie Driver and smart, sensitive treatment of disabilities give this family comedy a lot of potential.”

Watch the show’s premiere on Wednesday September 21st.  Check out  the official trailer below for more! Let us know  in the comments below if you will be watching.   In our  opinion, we think Speechless shows a lot of potential.  It is not your typical  ABC sitcom, nor does it strive to be.

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