Author: Nicole Cameli

Nerd Culture: End Game Trailer Breakdown

Movies News Desk It hasn’t even been one week since Captain Marvel was released, so I really wasn’t expecting anything at all End Game related at least until the end of the month. Low and behold, I logged onto Twitter early yesterday morning and what do I see first pop up? The Russo Brothers deciding […]

Nerd Culture: A Full Review On Captain Marvel

It’s been a solid few days since Captain Marvel was released, and I’m ready to talk about it. It’s only been on my mind since I saw it in the theater last weekend, and I already have tickets to see it two more times this week. I guess it’s safe to say, I loved it. […]

Nerd Culture: An Ode To Female Super Heroes

It’s International Women’s Day! It is also the the opening day of Marvel Studio’s Captain Marvel! It also happens to be my mother’s 59th birthday. What do these things have in common? No, my mother is not Captain Marvel (although, that would explain quite a lot). But, all women are heroes! I tend to lean […]

Nerd Culture With Nikki: A Breakdown of the Shazam! Trailer

Movies News Desk The long-awaited second trailer for DC’s Shazam! Has finally arrived yesterday, and it has got everyone buzzing. After the first trailer dropped back in August, we were anticipating a very different type of DC film. However, the second trailer has revealed tons of more secrets, and even many Easter Eggs that reference […]

Nerd Culture with Nikki: Why Infinity War Was Snubbed At The Oscars

Movies News Desk In case you weren’t already up to date, The Oscars were this past Sunday. What that means is that awards season has officially come to a close, and it’s time to discuss what movies had gotten snubbed. Of course, that would require a column in itself. So, I’m just going to focus […]

Nerd Culture With Nikki: Everything We Need To Know About Captain Marvel

With just about three weeks remaining until the opening weekend of Marvel’s latest addition to the franchise, Captain Marvel; I have been itching with more and more anticipation until March 8th. Tickets were already purchased weeks ago, and every single trailer and TV spot has been watched and analyzed at least a dozen times. And […]

Robert Enguld To Return As Freddy Kreuger

  Movies  News Desk By Nicole Cameli Follow @nicolecameli   Fifteen years after his departure from the terrifying role, Robert Englund makes a return to the small screen to reprise his infamous character, Freddy Kreuger on the 80’s-set sitcom, The Goldbergs. The last time Englund played the razor-gloved terror was back in 2003 for the […]

The Captain Marvel Trailer Is Finally Here

  Movies  News Desk By Nicole Cameli @nicolecameli The first trailer to the highly anticipated, “Captain Marvel,” finally dropped this morning on Good Morning America, giving fans their official first look of Brie Larson as Carol Danvers live, and in action. The trailer is narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, reprising his role as a younger […]

A First Look Into “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”

TV News Desk By Nicole Cameli @nicolecameli The community of Riverdale is continuing to expand thanks to Netflix. The streaming service recently released a trailer and upcoming details of their upcoming Riverdale spin off based off of the famous witch series. The upcoming Netflix show is taking a much darker route than it’s much friendlier […]

Our First Look At Captain Marvel – Everything We Know So Far

Movies News Desk Nicole Cameli @nicolecameli Earth’s mightiest hero is finally getting ready to answer that infamous call, thanks to Entertainment Weekly and actress Brie Larson, who is starring as Captain Marvel; Marvel Studio’s next and most important film and hero to date. Captain Marvel is set to be a stand alone film, but will […]

Halloween Delivers Amazing Responses At TIFF

Movies News Desk Nicole Cameli @nicolecameli The latest installment of the “Halloween” franchise made its way to the Toronto International Film festival this past weekend, and critics are calling it the best sequel in the entire franchise. The film was screened for various critics the past Saturday evening. Movie-goers were greeted by a masked Michael […]