Best-Selling Celebrity Author Mark Bego Prepares Three Books For 2019 Release Including The Surpremes, and Elton John

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Elton John, Mary Wilson, Mark Bego

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Mark Bego, New York Times best-selling author, has a record number of books due to hit the stores in 2019, including a book with Mary Wilson of The Supremes, and an expanded biography of Elton John.  Bego, who is known for his million selling books on Michael Jackson, Madonna and Whitney Houston, turns his focus towards two of the top acts in show business, and more.

            With longtime best friend Mary Wilson of The Supremes, Mark is the co-author of the deluxe coffee table book Supreme Glamour.  According to him, “In this concise retelling of the legendary Supremes’ story, Mary recounts what it was like to be one-third of the most famous female singing group in recorded history.  Supreme Glamour captures all of the fashions, excitement, ambition, heartbreak, and triumph of The Supremes with insightful frankness.”  Supreme Glamour (Thames & Hudson / UK:  September 5, 2019 / US:  September 17, 2019)  Pre-publication sales have already placed the book on three of the Amazon best-seller lists.

            Bego’s telling of the Elton John story will be published in Germany first, and the US.  He explains, “With the forthcoming release of the Elton John movie, Rocket Man, the public’s desire for the complete story on this superstar is at an all-time height.  I am so happy to be the author who delivers the ultimate telling of this fascinating story.” Elton John:  Die Story (Hannibal Books / May 16, 2019)  Rocket Man:  The Story of Elton John (Pegasus Books / 2019).

            Mark is also the co-author of the forthcoming book Living the Luxe Life, with millionaire Beverly Hills hotel owner Efrem Harkham.  It is a story of the rise, success, and advice from Harkham, told in an inspirational way.  (Living the Luxe Life (Skyhorse Publishing / 2019)

            Mark Bego’s recent best-sellers have been Aretha Franklin: The Queen of Soul(Skyhorse Publishing / 2018) which hit Number One in Amazon.  And his critically acclaimed celebrity cookbook, Eat Like a Rock Star hit the Top Ten in Amazon, and has become the most perennially successful book of his career.

With so many books in the works, what is next for Mark Bego?  According to him, “I have already been collecting recipes for Eat Like a Rock Star Volume II, and several of my celebrity chefs now want to do books with me.  I still have several new tricks up my sleeve!  I have written 66 published books, and I have just begun!”

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