Johnny Depp Apologizes For ‘Bad Joke’ About Assassinating Trump

  Displayed with permission from The Washington Times Johnny Depp has apologized for cracking a “bad joke” about assassinating President Trump. The actor had  asked an English crowd during the Glastonbury Festival on Thursday, “When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?” The remark was reportedly well received among the crowd but caught […]

New “Han Solo” Film Director Ron Howard is ‘Beyond Grateful’ and Hopes ‘to Honor The Great Work Already Done’

Los Angeles Times Displayed with permission from Tribune Content Agency Love specialty chocolate? Discover new ways cocoa enhances other flavors. SHOP NOW! “Star Wars” fan Ron Howard is “beyond grateful” to add his voice to the Lucasfilm franchise and hopes “to honor the great work already done” on the upcoming Han Solo film, which he […]

Gal Gadot to Bank Huge Bonus For “Wonder Woman”

  Gal Gadot is set to earn a massive bonus due to the success of ‘Wonder Woman’. The 32-year-old actress portrays Diana Prince, the Amazon demigoddess of the title, in the DC Comics blockbuster and she is set to bank the “huge performance” sum in addition to her $300,000 salary because the film has done […]

Test Your Knowledge With The Superheroes Movies Trivia Quiz Book

Follow @TheMacWire  and  M.A. Cassata on Facebook Are you a fan of superhero movies? Are you already working on your costume for the next midnight release? Do and your friends go head to head in debating who is better, Batman or Superman? Then you’re going to want to check out “The Superheroes Movie Trivia Quiz Book”  written by celebrity tribute […]

Gal Gadot Loved Wearing Her “Super-Strong and Sexy” Wonder Woman Outfit

  Gal Gadot loved wearing her “super-strong and sexy” Wonder Woman outfit. The 32-year-old beauty starred as the iconic superhero in the new Patty Jenkins-directed movie and Gal has admitted to being thrilled with her character’s fierce on-screen appearance. She said: “I love the costume, I think it’s super-strong and sexy at the same time. […]

‘Wonder Woman’ Lassos $100.5 Million at Domestic Box Office

  Displayed with permission from Tribune Content Agency LOS ANGELES — After the worst Memorial Day weekend performance in 18 years, the summer box office needed a hero — or more specifically, a heroine. Thankfully, Warner Bros.’ highly anticipated “Wonder Woman” came to the rescue, like only a wondrous woman can. The DC Comics film […]

Marilyn Monroe’s Los Angeles House Sells for $7.25 Million

The home where Marilyn Monroe died has been sold for $7.25 million. Marilyn bought the stunning residence in Brentwood, California in 1962 after her divorce from third husband Arthur Miller but was found dead in the property just months later, following an apparent drug overdose at the age of 36. And while the property was […]

Wonder Woman’ Actress: Motherhood Is the True Superpower

    Gal Gadot is taking over the big screen as Wonder Woman and she told Fox News about being a real-life superhero to her two children. “I try to do my best all the time,” she said about raising her daughters. “I’m exhausted. I just don’t sleep as much as before and that’s it. […]

Paul McCartney’s Tribute to Roger Moore

Sir Paul McCartney has paid tribute to “great” Sir Roger Moore following the actor’s death. The 74-year-old musician – whose band Wings performed the titular theme to 1973 James Bond movie ‘Live and Let Die’ – penned a heartfelt message in honour of the screen legend, following the news on Tuesday (23.05.17) that he had […]

The Glorious Corner: Elton John and Bernie Taupin’s Youtube Global Competition, R.I.P. Roger Moore, Chris Cornell Laid To Rest and More

G.H. Harding  ELTON & BERNIE — Elton John and Bernie Taupin, one of pop music’s most acclaimed songwriting teams, recently worked with YouTube for a global competition seeking music videos for three of their most iconic early Seventies hits: “Rocket Man,” “Bennie and the Jets” and “Tiny Dancer.” The duo revealed the winning submissions this […]

Top US Director Believes Cinemas Will Survive Netflix

Andrew McCathie Displayed with permission from dpa German Press Agency   Cannes, France (dpa) – US director Noah Baumbach insisted Sunday that the big-screen movie experience will survive the challenge from online film platforms, amid a raging debate at the Cannes Film Festival over the rise of streaming websites. “I made this movie independently and […]

The Mac Wire Interview With ‘Alan Sues: A Funny Man’ Author Michael Gregg Michaud

  Love chocolate? Discover what’s new at The Cocoa Exchange. SHOP NOW!   Joanne Grana  Special to TMW Alan Sues is best remembered for being one of the popular cast members of the hit NBC television show, Laugh-In. Sues also had many roles in film and episodic television. Author, Michael Gregg Michaud’s biography, Alan Sues: A Funny […]

For Real: Man Sues Date for Texting During ‘Guardians’ Movie

Shop Avon Online 24/7 Follow @TheMacWire  and  M.A. Cassata on Facebook     Displayed with permission from Newsweek If you thought a talking racoon and a sentient tree helping keep the world safe was farfetched—well, life, it turns out, is stranger than fiction. A Texas man is suing his date for texting on her phone during a performance of […]

The Glorious Corner: Paramount Pictures CEO Brad Grey Passes, Murdoch’s New Plan, Epic Record’s L.A. Reid Sacked and More!

G.H. Harding  BRAD GREY —  Hollywood woke up Monday to the news that Brad Grey, who ran Paramount Pictures for 12 years as chairman and CEO and before that was a partner in the powerhouse management/production company Brillstein-Grey Entertainment, had died of brain cancer at 59. Grey exited Paramount officially in February. Grey, who produced […]

On The Teen Beat: Harry Styles Tough Competition For Dunkirk Role

  Harry Styles competed against several big name movie and TV actors to land a role in ‘Dunkirk’. The 23-year-old singer makes his debut Christopher Nolan’s World War II drama and has revealed when he went to audition for the part of Alex he recognised so many famous faces from the big and small screen, […]

DVD & Blu-ray: Madonna “Rebel Heart Tour” Out This Fall

via press release—MADONNA today announced her record-breaking MADONNA: REBEL HEART TOUR will be released by Eagle Vision on September 15 on digital download, DVD and Blu-ray complete with bonus content, and an audio CD of highlights from the much-heralded tour. The Material Girl will also release a live album featuring 22 songs from the Rebel […]

TV Time: Viewers Are Psyched For A Psych Holiday Reunion Movie

        Joanne Grana Special to TMW   Fans of the popular USA Network series, Psych, will get a great gift this holiday season. A Psych reunion movie.  “Psych has an absolutely phenomenal and constantly refreshing fan base,” explained  NBC Universal Cable Entertainment and president of Universal Cable Productions, Jeff Wachtel in a recent statement.  “We couldn’t […]

WATCH: Wonder Woman Saves Chris Pine in New Movie clip

  Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman has already been showing off fiery moves since ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ and in the trailers building up to the film’s release. Now, for the first time, fans are treated to an entire fight sequence straight from the upcoming action movie. In the clip, Wonder Woman and Steve […]

‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ Debuts as Second-Biggest Opening of The Year

      After three weeks of “Furious” box office results, “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” from Walt Disney Co.’s Marvel Studios, took over this weekend. The sequel to the 2014 film brought in an estimated $145 million in the U.S. and Canada, coming in below analyst expectations of $150 million. The adventure flick […]