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On The Teen Beat: Selena Gomez Talks About Her Break Up!

Selena Gomez recently sat down for an interview and during the interview, she was asked about how she has been since her break up with Justin Bieber! Selena told everyone  that she has been doing great. “I’m good. I’m really good. I’ve been recording, having a lot of fun with my girlfriends, having a good […]

On The Teen Beat: Selena Gomez Talks About New Wizards Movie!

Selena Gomez recently talked about her new Wizards movie, “The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex,” in a interview and said in her opinion, it’s the best Wizards episode ever! Selena also talked about how awesome it was for her and the rest of the cast of the show to return back “home” to their Wizards […]

On The Teen Beat: What Makes Taylor Swift Happy?

There are a lot of things in life to make Taylor Swift happy, but she recently sat down for an interview and talked about one thing in particular that she just loved doing. Exercising! “try to exercise a lot. I like to feel really tired afterward, sweaty and disgusting. I don’t care about losing weight […]

On The Teen Beat: Justin Reveals His Fave Songs To Perform On Tour!

Have you caught Justin’s sold-out “Believe” tour yet? If you haven’t it’s an amazing, high-energy show full of your favorite tunes from yesterday and today. But when Justin was asked what his favorite songs were to perform, at least off his latest CD, he went with the slower, more groove-oriented tracks. Said Justin in a […]

On The Teen Beat: Ariana Grande Talks About Her Christmas Play!

  Ariana Grande recently did an interview where she talks about her upcoming play, “A Snow White Christmas.” Ariana talks about the play, and of course her fellow co-star, Neil Patrick Harris! Ariana also talks about her upcoming album and her new songs. Click below to check out the interview!   

On The Teen Beat: Taylor Swift Talks About Her Favorite Gifts From Fans

  Taylor, like any girl, loves, loves, loves to get presents! But her most fave kind of all are the ones that come from YOU, her amazing fans! In a recent interview, Taylor revealed what her favorite gift from a fan was. She said, “I love it when they all band together and give me […]

On The Teen Beat: Which Member of One Direction Is A Germaphobe?

It’s Liam! We all know that Liam isn’t fond of spoons, but what else isn’t he a fan of?  In a recent interview with MTV, he admitted that he doesn’t like to share drinks with people. Louis even adds to the interview that Liam is a “hygiene freak”.

On The Teen Beat: Taylor Swift Talks Exes and Songwriting

Taylor Swift may use her breakups for song writing, but she will never reveal which guy is behind each song. In a new interview with the New York Times, Swift says she won’t name names because she doesn’t want to throw her exes completely under the bus. “I don’t talk about who it is specifically […]

On the Teen Beat: Demi Lovato Talks About X Factor!

Demi Lovato recently went on NBC’s The Today Show, and talked with them about her being a judge on the “X Factor.” In the interview, she talks about how she really wants to be brutally honest with all the contestants, and also how she’s not trying cause any controversary or cause any problems. She also […]

On The Teen Beat: Justin Bieber’s Perfume Madness!

Justin Bieber’s new perfume, “Girlfriend,” is flying off the shelves! And it’s not just selling out everywhere in the US, but also in the UK. Justin says in a recent interview, “I have such a deep connection to my fans, so creating a fragrance that I personally love is another way I can bring them […]

On The Teen Beat: Our Interview With Cody Simpson!

We had the chance to chat with the lovable Cody Simpson! We caught up on his music and what’s going on after the summer is over! In the beginning of summer, Cody released a new EP called “Preview to Paradise’” which includes 4 tracks: “Got Me Good”, “Wish U Were Here” ft. Becky G, “Gentlemen”, […]

On The Teen Beat: Just in Case You Missed It….Teen Choice Awards Winners

Did you watch the 2012 Teen Choice Awards hosted by Demi Lovato and Glee star Kevin McHale? Did your favorites win? The winners are… Choice Comedian – Ellen DeGeneres Choice Web Stars – Sophia Grace and Rosie Choice TV Show: Sci-Fi/Fantasy – The Vampire Diaries Choice TV Actress: Sci-Fi/Fantasy – Nina Dobrev, The Vampire Diaries […]

On The Teen Beat: Victoria Justice Wants To Create Her Own Sound

Victoria Justice recently dropped a soundtrack for her hit Nickelodeon series “Victorious,” but she’s also in the process of developing her own sound as a solo act. “I want to write music that’s going to appeal to everyone,” Justice said in a recent interview. “As far as production, I don’t think I’ve quite found my sound […]

On The Teen Beat: Justin Bieber Radio Disney Take Over—Photos and Video!

    Justin Bieber was  in studio  (Monday, June 25) at Radio Disney as he did an entire interview on his Segway.  He did this great interview with  guest correspondent ALLI SIMPSON. In this  clip  he reveals the very first thing that comes to mind when he sees a picture of Selena Gomez, his mom, Usher, Toronto,  and […]

On The Teen Beat: Get One Direction’s Dare To Dream Book—Out Now!

Do you dare to dream like One Direction? We hope you do! Well,  if their dreams came true, yours can too. Dare To Dream was just released  here in the states and is crammed full  with exclusive photos and interviews.  You can get it on Amazon now!

On The Teen Beat: iCarly Cast Filming in New York City!

    Dan Schneider, iCarly creator shared this pic of the cast as they are currently filming in  New York City.   Dan tweeted:: “Pic! Hangin’ with the iCarly gang in New York City!” We can’t wait to see this episode! How about you?  Don’t forget to check back with On The Teen Beat, because we will have a new […]

Elton John Celebrates 3,000th Performance

      Elton John reached a major career milestone on Saturday by performing his 3,000th public show with his “million dollar piano” at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Elton’s first ever public concert was on March 25, 1970 (his 23rd birthday), at the Revolution Club in London. Since then, the music […]