Charli XCX To Release New Album in 2019

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Charli XCX

By Celebretainment

Charli XCX has vowed to release a new album in 2019.

The ‘5 in the Morning’ singer had initially told fans last year that she would make her first record since 2014’s ‘Sucker Punch’ if her latest single ‘1999’ went into the top 10.

And now she has updated her loyal following to say it’s “about time” she releases her next the full-length effort.

Sharing her New Year’s Resolutions written on an iPhone Note, which read: “New Years Resolutions:

“1. Make an album

“2. Release it (sic)”, she captioned the Twitter post: “about time, right?? (sic)”

The 26-year-old pop star was blown away by how well ‘1999’, which features Troye Sivan, performed in the charts – it peaked at number 13 in UK – and had said she planned on rewarding her fans, known as her Angels, by dropping her first studio album in five years, if the track shifted two places up.

Sharing a link to download the track, Charli tweeted in December: “UMMM ANGELS WTF?! IF THIS GOES TOP 10 I’LL MAKE ANOTHER ALBUM AND DROP IT NEXT YEAR. (sic)”

Despite having released two mixtapes – ‘Number 1 Angel’ and ‘Pop 2’ – and several singles since her last full album, Charli recently admitted she doesn’t have a plan when it comes to her music in the future.

Asked if she’s planning a third full-length record, she said: “You know, I don’t really know. I don’t really have a plan, so to speak. I’m just kind of releasing what I want when I want. I’m not sure what’s next. Maybe it’s an album, maybe it’s not an album, maybe there’s never an album, maybe there are 10 more mixtapes. I’m just kind of doing what I want to do and seeing where I go.”

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