Cher’s Vacation Tweets Thrill Fans!

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By Joanne Grana

(Confessions of a Disabled Diva)


It’s been a fun week for Cher fans. The legendary icon has been vacationing with friends on both the French and Italian Rivieras.  Thanks to Twitter, fans feel as though they are vacationing with their idol.  In  several pics, posted by Cher and  famed jewelry designer pal, Lori Rodkin,  fans have been in awe of the beautiful blue skies and crystal clear water.

Cher has been spotted relaxing  on a boat, shopping in St. Tropez, laughing and enjoying ice cream. Tweets told of dinner in Portofino, Italy at the Hotel Splendido,  a trendy restaurant  perched at a top of a mountain.  Cher spoke of good times, laughter, great food, and handsome men all the while  sipping  champagne and  beer.   Before the diva  heads back to Malibu, she plans to make stops in  Firenze Italy and Monte Carlo.

The tweets and pics have been like a mini travelogue for fans.  What’s next for Cher when she returns home?  Will she be heading back into the studio to record a new album?  Or, will she do more work on the much anticipated musical based on her life? She hasn’t commented as of yet, but whatever she decides, no doubt her ever loyal legion of fans will be anxiously awaiting to hear! Check out some of the tweets and pics from Cher’s official Twitter account below.

Had best time tonight. Just left girls up top‼️Much 😂Till we cried😭‼Handsome men,Great Food,beautiful moon,Champagne Framboise…LIFE IS GOOD

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