Four of The Best TV Shows You Should Be Watching

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In what many critics have deemed the “golden age of television,” TV viewing has never been more popular. Box-office receipts fluctuate, but the small screen attracts more and more eyeballs as the content keeps improving and expands into new territories.

With more people watching television on a multitude of devices and platforms, there’s more chatter about it, too. Fandom can be what connects people to coworkers at the water cooler or to friends, acquaintances, neighbors and more.

With so much decent TV out there and so much that’s recommended by so many sources, here’s a look at four shows setting social media on fire that you should be watching.

1.) “Game of Thrones.” It’s tough not to know at least some of the story beats of “Game of Thrones” even if you aren’t a week-to-week watcher. everywhere, breaking viewership records for its network every year. (Shown above in one of the images for this story is Daenerys Targaryen, Princess of House Targaryen, on the left, played by actress Emilia Clarke.)

HBO has announced that its flagship series has only two seasons left, and fans are salivating to see who will survive in the land of dragons and bizarre and violent political maneuvering.

There’s already four spin-off shows in development, so fans will have much to discuss for years ahead; but if you haven’t jumped on the “Game of Thrones” train, then it’s probably still time. Not only will you be up to date on the series that right now arguably influences pop culture the most, but you’ll see fantasy done in a mature and dark way as never before. It’s not a series for the young, but it’s a thrilling adventure story that pushes forward what’s possible in television storytelling week after week. (go to page 2 to continue reading)

(continued from previous page)2.) “Twin Peaks.” The story of “Twin Peaks” is strange, both in front of and behind the camera. The wacky series was and still is the brainchild of filmmaker David Lynch and writer Mark Frost. (Shown above right in one of the images for this piece is special agent Dale Cooper, played by actor Kyle MacLachlan.)

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The serialized show about the death of a high school girl named Laura Palmer and the possibly supernatural town of Twin Peaks was canceled after only two seasons in 1991, but fans stacked up over the years by binge-watching on Netflix and other platforms.

It all led to Showtime’s decision to give Lynch and Frost the opportunity and free rein to make 18 episodes of absolute weirdness to cap off their series — over 20 years after the original show ended.

Ten episodes into its run, “Twin Peaks” is beloved by many and frustrating to others, but all of them are talking and debating. The series led to a huge number of new subscribers to Showtime, and it’s always trending on social media when it’s on.

Love or hate each episode, it’s a mix of strange, unexplainable phenomena, and surprising emotion that will have you perplexed, intrigued, and ready to talk to the nearest fan once it’s over.

“Man at War.” El Rey Network may only be a few years old, but it’s already creating the kind of television that gets people talking.

“Man at War,” hosted by “Spy Kids” and “Machete” star Danny Trejo, is a show that examines . The series explains the motivations behind the creation of the weapons and their place in historic warfare — and then the weapons are actually recreated and tested for consumers’ viewing pleasure.

It’s the kind of program that leaves viewers with compelling new knowledge that comes in handy in trivia games or casual chats with friends or coworkers. It’s a fun and informative series.

4.) “Rite of Passage.” Also from El Rey Network is perhaps the most interesting show on television right now.

Hosted by Tim Noonan, “Rite of Passage” looks into the bizarre and jaw-dropping .

Noonan acts as his own cameraman as he travels to various remote villages and puts himself to the test. He’s done everything from cave climbing to catching snakes that stretch 20 feet long.

It’s a series that, like “Man at War,” is informative as well as thrilling to watch. It’s eye-opening to see these other ways of life and definitions of machismo. It’s the kind of show that gets people talking because it’s hard to believe any of this is real — yet it’s all the truth.

While most civilized people are driving to and from the factory, store or office and catching the latest flicks at the local theater — other people on the same globe are wrestling snakes and training hawks to hunt foxes just to survive. The series makes viewers appreciate what they have — and may share a little motivation to introduce some new adventure into their lives.

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