Guns N’ Roses Slash Quit Smoking After Pneumonia

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Slash refused to quit smoking while his mother was dying of lungcancer – he only kicked the habit after falling ill with pneumonia.
The former Guns N’ Roses guitarist, 44, has been a heavy smoker for mos t of his adult life and admits his addiction to cigarettes spiralled afte r his mum, Ola, was admitted to hospital last year (09).
He says, “I smoked through the whole thing. I’d be sitting with her at the hospital and go out to smoke. Her illness was so sudden, the sufferin g went on for seven months and I was there through it all. Every five min utes I needed a cigarette – I had such a habit.” And it wasn’t until the rocker suffered his own health scare, that he d ecided to quit.
He adds, “I became ill with a severe case of pneumonia. I couldn’t smok e for two weeks, so I gave quitting a shot, but I am finding it hard.”

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