Halloween Delivers Amazing Responses At TIFF

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Nicole Cameli


The latest installment of the “Halloween” franchise made its way to the Toronto International Film festival this past weekend, and critics are calling it the best sequel in the entire franchise.

The film was screened for various critics the past Saturday evening. Movie-goers were greeted by a masked Michael Myers, as well as original scream queen and current leading lady of the franchise herself, Jamie Lee Curtis. The film’s screening became one of the most talked about films to come out of the festival.

“Halloween’s latest installment tells the story of two true crime podcasters as they travel to the all familiar Haddonfield in honor of the fortieth anniversary of the “Haddonfield Babysitter Murders. In an attempt to locate and interview an imprisoned Michael Myers;” they come across Michael Myer’s almost victim, Lori Strode (Played by Curtis) just as Michael begins to wreak havoc amongst her once again.

The film opens the franchise to an entirely new generation, as the viewer is introduced to Strode’s daughter, and granddaughter; finding multiple and creative ways to strike terror as Michael Myers reminds us all why we feared him in the first place.

Critics at TIFF who were lucky enough to view the film, called it one of the best horror sequels in years, and were amazed by David Gordon Green’s direction as well as writing abilities of Danny McBride.

Michael Myers escapes again and hits theaters everywhere this upcoming fall season on October 19th.

Looking for more “Halloween” to scare you before the film hits? Check out this behind-the-scenes trailer.


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