Hee Haw Honeys: The Women of Hee Haw Dish on an American classic TV Show, Buck Owens, Elvis, and More

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There is no one on this green earth who could better tell the tales of Hollywood Lights, Nashville Nights than Victoria Hallman and Diana Goodman. And, oh, the tales they can tell! There they were, right in the middle of it all, falling in and out of love with the biggest names in show business. They were given a front row seat to the greatest show on earth, Hollywood, Vegas and Nashville, and were surrounded by some of the most brilliant talent we have ever known. Fasten your seat belts Hollywood Lights, Nashville Nights will be a bumpy, fun-time ride for all.

Robert Hicks

New York Times best-selling author of

The Widow of the South Editor of A Guitar and a Pen

Hee Haw was all about friends and family having a great time and laughing together both on the set and with everyone watching at home. One big family! Some of the relationships formed while making that show will last forever. Victoria Hallman is one of those people my forever friend. I think so much of her because she cares about people. I know she cares about my family and me. I know that she would be there for me if I needed her. As special as she makes me feel, I know she does this for everyone, because shes just that kind of person.

Irlene Mandrell

Co-star of Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters

When I was a little girl, my dream was to grow up to be a Hee Haw Honey.

Georgette Jones

Recording Artist

Author of The Three of Us: Life with George and Tammy

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