Iggy Pop Times Talk in June 24th

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Friend and colleague Anne M. Raso tells The Mac Wire that Iggy Pop’s Times Talk held which was held on June 24th was a journey through Iggy’s influences. Vintage film clips of Iggy’s heroes—from Louis Armstrong to James Brown to the Ramones were shown and then Iggy commented on why he loved that particular musical act, and even talked about the ones he met and knew well.

Particularly memorable was the footage of a Ramones’ sound check in Rome circa 1980 and Iggy commented later, “Joey Ramone is like the modern day Statue Of Liberty!” He also discussed the way Johnny Ramone ruled the group with an iron fist and how he hated how modern day bands like Offspring where making big bucks off the original sound that his bands created. Iggy, looking fit in designer jeans, a tight gray T-shirt and one boat shoe and one orthopedic shoe (he must have had an accident lately), talked about his early high school groups but really didn’t discuss any of the tunes or antics that made him famous. In the last ten minutes of the Times Talk, Iggy fielded questions from the audience members and time was up just as a five or six-year-old go up to ask a question! We wonder what the kid would have asked!

Iggy spoke a big about his discoverer/mentor Danny Fields, who discovered the Stooges in 1969— he did not even know that Danny was in the crowd but it was clear he had a lot of good things to say. We caught Danny (our editor at Hard Rock Video in the late 80s and early 90s) going up to say hi to the Iguana after the presentation ended though! Just so you know, Iggy has confirmed the Stooges are rehearsing without him at the moment and seems to think there will be a tour next year. Old School Stooges James Williamson and Scott Asheton are involved— and as you know, axeman Ron Asheton passed away last year (and believe it or not, his name was not brought up during the entire Times Talk)! Hats off to Times reporter, Ben Ratliff, who asked some interesting questions to Iggy— but we would have liked some nosier, tabloid-type stuff— we have to shamefully admit! After all, Iggy has had quite the checkered past! We would have liked to hear about the time he smeared peanut butter on himself onstage or his relationships with late former groupie Sabel Starr and her sister Corel Starr!

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