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David Furnish help Elton build the outside of London art gallery.

This is an interesting piece from the London Evening Standard covering old Elton’s shrine to modern art.

Welcome to the art gallery that Elton John and David Furnish built.

It’s taken more than a year to construct, was finished barely a month ago, and it nestles between their chintzy country house, the floodlit tennis court and the finely-manicured acres of garden.

Designed by London architect Jack Schneider, it has waterfalls cascading down one wall, and copper cladding on another.

On the mezzanine level there’s an exhaustive library of art books — indexed using the latest technology by a professional librarian — and in the roof, hi-tech photo-sensitive grilles that control the light levels.

I could spend all day in Sir Elton’s office upstairs, with views from cleverly-placed windows into the gallery space itself, outside towards the garden and over a cunningly built bed of lilies apparently floating in space between the two. READ MORE

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