Interview: After a Family Crisis, Michael Bublé is Back With New Music, a New Love for life and a New Resolution

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In this week’s Parade, Grammy-winning Michael Bublé talks about his son’s heath scare, why he’s in love with love songs and the family traditions that make his holidays special.

Cancer scare. In 2016, he dropped everything to care for his young son Noah, who had been diagnosed with liver cancer. (Noah is now 5, healthy and cancer-free.) “How would that not affect me?” he asks. “Nothing will ever be the same. It has an impact on every moment of my life, and it will, forever.”

False rumors. Bublé says rumors that he was retiring are just that—rumors. “I would never say that,” he says, adding that they were started because of inaccurate reporting from an interview he gave during the time he took off to care for Noah.

So much Love. His new album, pronounced “love” but actually titled using a heart emoji, is a collection of romantic standards, including “My Funny Valentine,” “When I Fall in Love” and “La Vie en Rose.” He loves singing about love. “It doesn’t seem to matter where we’re from,” he says. “Black, white, gay, straight, rich, poor, young, old—we’re either in it, out of it, looking for it, needing it, missing it [or] wanting it.”

Happy New Year. As a child, he remembers his parents letting him and his siblings run outside at midnight and bang on pots and pans together to herald the new year. For 2019, as he settles in with his wife, Luisana Lopilato, and their children—Noah, his little brother, Elias, and their new little sister, Vida—there’s just one thing he’s hoping for: “Just let my family be healthy,” he says. “Everything else is gravy.”

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