Interview: Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman Talk Love, Marriage and Comedy

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In an exclusive this week, Parade gives a shout-out to the most lovable, laughable comedy couples in entertainment history, including Gracie Allen & George Burns, Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz, Rita Wilson & Tom Hanks as well as Melissa McCarthy & Ben Falcone.

Added to the list of classic and contemporary comedy couples is Megan Mullally, of TV’s Will & Grace, and her husband of 18 years, Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation, Making It). The Parade cover story showcases the best of Offerman and Mullally’s new co-written book, The Greatest Love Story Ever Told (Dutton, available Oct. 2), their raunchy, poignant, romantic and humorously insightful look at what it takes to make a marriage last.

Highlights from the story include:

When they met: 
Offerman: “I feel like I was partly looking for this relationship because it saved my life.”

Bombshells not in the book:
Mullally: “Nick dresses like a woman when we’re at home. That’s something that is fairly private. And I feel bad having said that.”
Offerman: “I’d actually appreciate it if you’d keep that between us.”

Why I Love Megan
Offerman: “She’s just such an absolute dork. One of our favorite household gags is whenever some really obnoxious music comes on with a TV commercial, if one of us happens to be on our way to get a glass of water, we’ll stop and dance for the other in a really enthusiastic way. When she does that, it floors me.”

Their 11-Year Age Difference
Mullally: “Well, I know what’s right and Nick doesn’t. So he just does what I say and it works great.”
Offerman: “Because I’m younger, there’s always been a student-teacher dynamic that I’ve always found very rewarding…”
Mullally: “In the bedroooom.”

For more about Comedy Couples and to find out Mullally & Offerman’s pet names for each other,
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