Interview: The Cast of Will & Grace Dish on the Show’s Long-Awaited Return

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Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Sean Hayes & Megan Mullally reunite. 

The cast of the groundbreaking sitcom Will & Grace tell Parade about the show’s highly anticipated revival, their favorite guest stars and some of their most memorable moments from the show’s original 1998–2006 run. Will & Gracereturns to NBC Thursday night, Sept. 28.

In the new show, the characters will pick right up where they left off—just 11 years later. “Obviously, it’s 2017—lots of Instagram and Twitter jokes,” says McCormack, who plays Will. “It’s not the same as a bunch of 24-year-olds sitting around yakking.”
Mullally, who plays Grace’s assistant, Karen, initially auditioned for the role of Grace, but got turned down. “They were like, Next!” she says. When she was selected for the role of Karen, “I tried to make her just a little quirkier and added the ‘honeys,’ the tics and the laughing.”
Hayes, who plays struggling actor Jack, says the original show’s matter-of-fact portrayal of two gay characters (Will and Jack) “pushed the envelope for a lot of people.” Many viewers let the show know their displeasure with hateful letters. “My family wrote so many of them,” he adds with a laugh.
Messing, who stars as Grace, has high praise for W&G’s many guest stars, especially the late Debbie Reynolds, who played her character’s mom. “She had a dirty mouth,” Messing says with a laugh. “You were convinced she was gonna moon people any second. She was outrageous!”
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