Kreskin Bows On Broadway

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G.H. Harding

Last night, the 83-year old Amazing Kreskin bowed at the Lion’s Theatre on Broadway Way and was simply spectacular. I first saw the mentalist on Johnny Carson eons back and the thing that caught my eye was him leading an audience member about with a white handkerchief. Sure enough, he did the same thing last night. My other memory was that he performed some straight-up miraculous feats, impressing Carson and now, Letterman and Fallon.

Opening up with a sprightly monologue about his tremendous 50+ career (88 appearances on Carson) he covered a bunch of facts, like: Him being banned from the Casinos for life; numerous appearances on Philly’s long-gone-and-much-missed Michael Douglas Show (where I first met the late-Roger Ailes); his own TV show; a board game from Milton Bradley; 20 published books; and, a motion picture (The Great Buck Howard) inspired by his work.

Working through a number of simply stellar card-feats; he at one point had the audience write on small pieces of paper, a significant name or memory. He collected them and then read what several would be. Again, miraculous.

He also had, of all people, Dirty Dancing’s Frankie Previte come onstage and with eyes closed, circle several words on a newspaper (yesterday’s Newark Star Ledger no less) and he got each and every one of them.

The night’s highlight was when he selected a group of audience members to hide a slip of paper, while he left the building with security. The group chose to hide it behind a fire-exit sign on the wall near the door. Kreskin re-entered the theater and with one of the group, she led him around by that white handkerchief. He went straight to it. Again, just amazing. His theatricality in performing the acts is classy too.

Amid a packed audience, which include Previte, Tommy James (!!!),manager Carol Ross, Joanna Bonaro (TV’s Good ‘n Screwed); PR-pasha David Salidor; Twin Images’ Robin Platzer; Premiere Radio’s Mike McCann; Kreskin-PR man Randy Alexander; producer Steve Garrin; and Dina Pitenis from Celebrity Service, he wowed them all.

He also clarified the difference between a magician and a mentalist. Running through April 28, he’s not be missed. Run … don’t walk.

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