“My Fire” From Nile Rodgers & Tony Moran Out May 19th

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When fuel, oxygen and heat come together in nature, the result can be natural wildfire.   Meanwhile in the music business, a collection of major talents have come together to create “My Fire” – a brand new single from producer extraordinaire Tony Moran’s new Moodswings double-CD set. “My Fire” and its soon-to-be-released remixes by acclaimed music producers around the world is igniting widespread excitement already, given the serious pedigree of its creators.

At the center of the combustion is the phenomenal voice of Kimberly Davis.  For some years, she’s been a featured performer as part of CHIC, founded by legendary Disco icon, Nile Rodgers.   Before “My Fire” she had garnered several Billboard-charted dance hits for lyricist, Mike Greenly and sung for DJ and producer extraordinaire, Tony Moran.

It was through Davis that Greenly and Moran met and decided to create their own songs together.   Working with singer/writer Audrey Martells, the three penned “My Fire”.  They had Davis specifically in mind as the vocalist whose pipes could fully deliver the passion and heat their song required.

There are actually lots of interconnections among the team behind “My Fire”.   Both Rodgers and Moran, for example, were named by Billboard as the “Greatest of All Time Top Dance Club Artists.”  And Moran and Greenly had already enjoyed a #1 dance record, “Say Yes”, by Jason Walker.  But perhaps the most incendiary element of this hot new project came when Rodgers heard the song, himself,  and agreed to contribute his own remarkable guitar licks to the production.

“We all loved the track from the get-go,” says Moran.  “It’s hard not to like a song when Kimberly Davis is a part of it, but having Nile’s participation is an over-the-top blessing!

While recording Rodgers, at Factory Underground Studios in Connecticut, Moran shot a video from which a teaser video has been prepared. Check it out here:


Moran, who was interviewed for next month’s Producer’s Showcase in “Music Connection” magazine, is stepping up his production activities with a slew of new projects to be announced shortly.  But “My Fire” is the brightest and most immediate blaze he’s about to unleash.

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