Indie Song of The Summer: Raspin Stuwart’s “Smoke The Hookah”

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What’s the song of Summer 2017? Ed Sheeran? Kimberly Davis? Harry Styles? Miley Cyrus? Ella Vos? HAIM?

According to West Coast influencers, Raspin Stuwart’s ethereal “Smoke The Hookah” (independently recorded and released on 4/20/17) has received the most radio-requested, as well as an impressive number of downloads, to qualify in the running as one of the top songs of summer 2017.

Mark Strait at Radio Ramp (a major industry trade covering radio) says that the “number of radio requests for Raspin’s song has been extraordinary.”

For the West Coast resident (and, former maverick magazine publisher), it represents a major victory as he’s been an army of one; writing it, recording it, setting up the web site and even one-off performances in such locations as San Diego and San Francisco.

According to the artist himself, “When I wrote it and recorded the song, everyone loved it, but no one offered to let me properly put it out. That’s when I figured I’d make it a DIY project and release it on 4/20.”

“Honestly, I loved doing it all myself; I got a chance first-hand to see that there is still a way for a new artist to get his music out there and really ingratiate myself into the mix. Social media, especially Twitter. Internet radio helped enormously as well.”

Of course, the subject matter was most timely too. “With so many states now green-legal; when people heard the title … they just had to hear it. The song is a celebration of that new freedom; a resistance if you will. An initial article in the Huff Post set the song on its way”

Stuwart has emerged as a singular sensation since the release of his album We Do What We Dolast year. The album immediately established him as a critical music wunderkind; a singer/songwriter whose music was immediately embraceable. Starbucks licensed several songs from the album.

Raspin has recently finished a new album which he wants to have released with the right record company. “With ‘Smoke The Hookah,’ I think it’s the best set I’ve yet produced,” he adds.

“Smoke The Hookah” = song of the summer? Definitely.

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