Nerd Culture: An Ode To Female Super Heroes

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(Photo Credit): Warner Brothers
By Nikki

It’s International Women’s Day! It is also the the opening day of Marvel Studio’s Captain Marvel! It also happens to be my mother’s 59th birthday. What do these things have in common?

No, my mother is not Captain Marvel (although, that would explain quite a lot). But, all women are heroes! I tend to lean towards one side over the other when it comes to Marvel or DC; but this is a a day and a topic where none of that matters, because all are truly number one.

There are so many prominent female characters in both the DCEU and the MCU that all bring something incredibly unique and extraordinary to the table, giving us women something to look up to.

With Wonder Woman, it’s the story of a entire group of women who have a purpose to protect and fight, and do things that many men in the film cannot do. With her open mind and compassion, Diana shows women everywhere that our hearts can be our biggest weapons sometimes.

(Photo Credit): Warner Brothers

Being naive as she starts off, Diana sees the world in a way we all wish we could. And showing others the way she sees things is a big part of why so many women see Wonder Woman as an incredible figure in female culture.

DC also gives us Harley Quinn. Even though in Suicide Squad she’s sort of under the spell of the Joker, I have a feeling with the upcoming Birds of Prey, we’re going to see one of the best sides of Harley riding solo.

Harley is an amazing character with so much flair. Although often portrayed as a villain,  I feel as if a lot of women can relate to her. There are many times in our lives where we’ll stay in a negative relationship just for the sake of being in one. But once we realize how much we are better off, is when we really get to thrive and do our own thing.

(Photo Credit): Warner Brothers

One of the more important things Harley’s story tells us as women is that it’s okay sometimes to feel a bit incomplete, but it’s important to remind ourselves of our worth and know that behind that guy, there’s usually a woman who’s really pulling the strings.

In the Marvel universe, there is also so many amazing female characters that are strong, smart, and just all around fantastic characters.

Black Widow’s story is dark, with a horrible past and upbringing that shaped her for who she is. Her strength and courage empowered her and evolved her into a character beloved by so many women.

(Photo Credit): Marvel Studios

We literally have an entire film dedicated to how Ant Man needs a strong female teammate like The Wasp, She even says it herself that if she were in Civil War, Scott probably wouldn’t have gotten caught, and that’s something I can certainly believe.

I can sit here all day and name all the amazing females we see in comic books and films; Okoye, Poison Ivy, Captain Marvel, and the list goes on and on. Let’s celebrate these heroes today, as well as all women.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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