Nerd Culture: End Game Trailer Breakdown

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Photo Credit: Marvel Studios

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By Nikki

It hasn’t even been one week since Captain Marvel was released, so I really wasn’t expecting anything at all End Game related at least until the end of the month.

Low and behold, I logged onto Twitter early yesterday morning and what do I see first pop up? The Russo Brothers deciding to plan a sneak attack with a brand new trailer for Avengers: Endgame.

I was surprised we got a new trailer so soon, especially right after Captain Marvel. I didn’t even think we’d get a second trailer due to the top secrecy of this film. But, here we are; and I can’t believe we are weeks away from the end.

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios

The beginning of the trailer plays into our long standing relationship with these heroes in the MCU. Flashing back to clips from the first Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor films. We first hear what we can assume is a continuation from the first trailer, where Tony is sending a message to Pepper Potts, fearing he may not make it back home.

In the new clip, Tony appears to be hopeless and still lost in space as he reminisces on becoming Iron Man. It then switches over to the voice of Agent Peggy Carter from Captain America, when she’s advising Steve that sometimes we have to start over.

Within the monologue, we are reintroduced to Clint/Hawkeye, who may very well have become Ronin. With him, we see him giving archery lessons to younger girl, and the speculation has been in full affect.

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios

Who is she? Is it his daughter grown up? Is it the beginning of Kate Bishops saga in the MCU? So many questions with barely any information!

We then get a glimpse or Steve talking to Natasha, discussing the events after the snap and how they haven’t yet given up, owing it to their friends and loved ones who have deteriorated to try to find a solution.

Scott Lang not looking so happy in this film, now is he? Which terrifies me beyond belief. We all know Scott as happy-go-lucky, even inside of the quantum realm. If the darkness of the ending of Infinity War didn’t already set a tone for this film; seeing this beloved character look so serious and melancholy sure did.

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios

The remaining heroes who have been seen in the trailer thus far who have told us they will be doing, “Whatever it takes,” are Steve, Thor, Clint, Nebula, Rocket Raccoon, Natasha, Bruce, Scott…and Tony?

We pretty much figured Tony would find a way back to Earth, and hopefully by this trailer, it proves that he does. I’m pretty sure we’ll be saying goodbye for good to one of these guys, and I’m still in denial about it.

It was pretty much a given for a few films now that the Quantum Realm was going to be playing a major role in End Game. Since introduced in Ant Man, we’ve learned a little more about it with each new film.

Last summer, Ant Man and the Wasp showed us how Janet Van Dyne survived in the Quantum Realm for decades. When Hank Pym went into the Quantum Realm to save her, he made himself a special suit so they he would be able to get in and out of there, without soaking up Quantum Energy.

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios

At the end of the trailer, we see the standing heroes wearing similar versions of Hank’s suit, letting us believe that they will all be going into the Quantum Realm. When i first heard/saw this idea, I wasn’t exactly sure how I felt about it. But, seeing them in live action for the first time, I have to say that they look pretty awesome.

The trailer ends with an even bigger twist! We knew Carol Danvers would be coming to save us all, especially if you waited until the end credits of Captain Marvel. We get a clip of Carol in a room with Thor, as Stormbreaker wizzes right past Carol’s head, but she doesn’t even move. Can you say, “Badass?”

Thor, who has been on an emotional roller coaster for the last few films, looks at Carol with surprise and then towards Natasha, telling her that he, “Likes this one.” It’s the dynamic duo I wanted to badly, and didn’t even know I wanted it. I can only imagine what a team up with Thor, Captain Marvel, Captain America, and Iron Man is going to be like, I’m just upset I have to wait an entire month to see it for real.

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios

This trailer only made me ask one million more questions instead of answering any of the several million I had already. Where was Carol after 1995? How many years is End Game taking place after Infinity War? How did Scott get out of the Quantum Realm? Did Thanos snap Steve’s beard off? Where is Okoye?!

Unfortunately, I have no answers, only theories and speculation until we finally get to see End Game on April 26th. Check the trailer out below. Higher, further, faster!

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