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By Nikki

The next few months are giving us so much to look forward to. It was impossible for me to decide on one type of trailer or anticipated media that I’m looking forward that has been released this week. I decided on discussing all of them. So here is a weekly roundup of everything you may have missed, or just can’t get enough of, because clearly I can’t.

I’m very ready for John Wick 3. As someone who came a bit late to the John Wick game. But, when they announced the third film to the franchise, I excitedly decided it was time to jump on the bandwagon.

A new trailer came about last week, and I have to say, it looks like it could be one of the best in the franchise thus far. Although not giving away too heavy details of the plot, we get to see beautiful imagery on a much bigger universe than we thought.

Photo Credit: Summit Entertainment

Not to mention, the body count looks like “Baba Yaga” will be needing more dinner reservations in this film than the first two…combined. And also, Halle Berry coming back with that action sequence is reasons why we love Halle Berry.

In things a little more on the less-exciting side from this week. I was very excited last week when Tom Holland teased us to stay tuned Monday morning something. I was highly anticipating a new Far From Home trailer, although it was a bit soon since the first and didn’t think we would be receiving anything until after Avengers End Game was released.

So, when he took to Instagram three new posters for the upcoming Spidey flick, I was excited but at the same time, a bit disappointed. After getting my hopes up too high for a trailer, I learned to love the posters as much as I possibly can for being a die-hard Spider-Man fan.

Photo Credit: Sony / Marvel Studios

Don’t get me wrong, the suit looks incredible. I can only imagine what even cooler things are going to be involved with that thing once Peter gets his hands on it. But, the posters reminded me way too much of the Homecoming ones. Except instead of Spidey running around Queens, it’s Europe. Hopefully with the next trailer, we will get a much cooler poster. But, this one just didn’t do enough.

But, you know what posters did do enough this week? And nearly destroyed my heart and soul when I was spammed with thm Tuesday afternoon? The Avengers: End Game ones.

Minding my own business on Tuesday, I was spammed by Marvel with over thirty…thirty! That’s right, over thirty character posters for End Game. Including all heroes who have fallen, and are still alive with the phrase, ‘Avenge the Fallen.”

And, oh hey, isn’t that Valkyrie? Way to sneak that one in there, guys! And a Loki poster? Are they trying to tell us something here? These posters definitely made my anxiety for this film spike even higher instead of soothing it in any way.

Speaking of saving the world, but in a smaller way; I was very excited to finally get a trailer for Stranger Things 3. I was extremely saddened this past October not having any new updates on my buddies from Hawkins. Instead, we have to wait until July.

Photo Credit: Netflix

But, the wait is halfway over with this trailer. And honestly, it definitely looks worth the wait. It appears we’ll be seeing another time jump, transitioning from kids and into adolescence to the tune of The Who’s, “Baba O’Riley.”

The rest of the trailer goes pretty fast paced as they show shots of different characters going through different things. Eleven and Max indulge in the 80s and mall culture, Hopper is covered in bruises, there seems to be some sort of infection going on and Billy has a bite mark.

And to boot, the monster looks more terrifying than the last two seasons. It’s going to take more than just Eleven to defeat this thing, based off of that group team up shot we get at the end. And wait a minute, is that Steve Harrington…in pain?

I am not ready to say goodbye to anyone from this show.

Photo Credit: Netflix

Needless to say, this week has given us a lot to get excited for over this summer. I’m laughing, crying, and screaming  with each and every new bit of content we get, and I’m sure you are too.

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