Nerd Culture With Nikki: A Breakdown of the Shazam! Trailer

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By Nikki

The long-awaited second trailer for DC’s Shazam! Has finally arrived yesterday, and it has got everyone buzzing. After the first trailer dropped back in August, we were anticipating a very different type of DC film. However, the second trailer has revealed tons of more secrets, and even many Easter Eggs that reference the other films in the DC Extended Universe.

That’s right. Shazam! Is the first DCEU film that unlike its previous franchise films, will actually interact in the shared universe. Even though we have no idea if Henry Cavil is returning as Superman, and Ben Affleck is done playing Batman; Billy Batson is in a universe where these guys are finally role models.

And with Billy admiring such heroes as any twelve year old boy would, you can bet that we’ll be seeing Billy trying to use his powers in a very Man of Steel-like manner.

Photo Credit: Warner Brothers

Finally discovering that it will be set in Philadelphia, the film is supposed to set a few years after Justice League’s battle with Steppenwolf, and we get a good glimpse of those easter eggs in the trailer once Billy reaches the Rock of Eternity to gain his mystical powers.

My first thoughts of the opening of the trailer was how light-hearted it will be. Like a superhero version of one of my favorite films, Big, it gives us that exhilarating feeling if what if our childhood self gained such powers? Shazam! Is going to be a much different vibe from any of the other DCEU films.

In addition, Zachary Levi’s hilariously exaggerated faces only further my opinion that he was the perfect casting choice as Billy by watching this new trailer.

Most of the origin of the upcoming film is still somewhat a mystery. We do know it’s based off of the New 52 comic, which basically entails that Billy will be coming face to face with The Sevens Sins in the film.

(Photo Credit): Warner Brothers

In the brand new trailer, we have a new shot of the Seven Sins statues along the room when Billy enters Rock of Eternity. This might mean that the Seven Sins break out into Earth, causing Shazam to give Billy his powers.

It appears as if Shazam! Is going to be paying a lot of homage to the DCEU and it’s comics that they’re based off of. In the trailer, we see how apparent that will be where Billy quite literally mimics Superman by lifting a bus above his head.

Even though Billy’s version appears to be quite more comical,  There is no doubt this is meant to be a reference regarding the Man of Tomorrow, and just how much these heroes are an impact on Billy’s, and other people in this universes’ lives.

Based off of the trailer, we can tell this is going to be a lot fun to sit through. A lot of jokes, and Zachary Levi being well, Zachary Levi. But, there is definitely a serious tone as well that should not be forgotten.

(Photo Credit): Warner Brothers

Billy is an orphan and we do learn from the trailer his foster family discovered he has received Shazam!’s powers, so there’s going to be some dark themes as well that will have Billy having to cope with some sort of serious personal demons. That’s a lot to handle for one twelve year old boy.

There is one last Superman reference I could not not leave out. Which was most likely my favorite part in the trailer, and any comic book fan would understand the epicness when Superman leaps from building to building, which is debatably one of his greatest powers.

Although Shazam got pretty close in the trailer, it was no dice, which of course I expected, but absolutely adored the attempt. Reminiscent of the post-credit scene in Justice League when The Flash challenges Superman to a race, this movie is going to ooze with witty humor and references to this.

I can only hope one day Shazam challenges Superman. I mean, he’s twelve, what twelve year old boy wouldn’t attempt to challenge Superman with similar powers of his own?

Also, one last shout out to the perfect use to Eminem’s, “My Name Is,” and if you don’t understand the reference it’s because his name isn’t actually Shazam! As we know, the wizard who gives Billy powers name is Shazam, but Billy is just a successor of Shazam! Maybe he will go with Captain Sparkle Fingers?

Shazam! Hits theatres everywhere April Fifth.

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