Nerd Culture With Nikki: Everything We Need To Know About Captain Marvel

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By Nikki

With just about three weeks remaining until the opening weekend of Marvel’s latest addition to the franchise, Captain Marvel; I have been itching with more and more anticipation until March 8th.

Captain Marvel (Photo Credit): Marvel Studios

Tickets were already purchased weeks ago, and every single trailer and TV spot has been watched and analyzed at least a dozen times. And I know I’m not the only one who has been counting down for this film since it was first announced quite a few years ago.

So, why is this film so highly anticipated? Well, to answer that quickly would be impossible, but I will try. It’s anticipated because Carol Danvers is our answer. This March, we get to see her in all of her glory as she saves us all. And we can assume most likely in April as well, helping The Avengers resolve that dusty situation that had me and millions of others weeping in the theater.

(Photo Credit): Marvel Studios

But who is she? Well, here’s the basics you should know before walking into the theatre:

WHO IS CAPTAIN MARVEL: Before she had the suit and the mohawk helmet, she was first known on Earth as Carol Danvers; an officer of the US Air Force. Working as a security agent with the original Captain Marvel, A kree named Mar-Vell.

It’s with him that Carol forms a close relationship, and continues to work with him over the years before taking over the name herself after a violent accident that turns her into a half-free, half-human.

(Photo Credit): Marvel Studios

It’s with this new surge of powers that Carol Danvers arguably becomes one of the most powerful beings known in the universe. With the possession of Kree abilities, Carol possesses superhuman strength, traveling at the speed of light, and is even resistant to most poisons and toxins that could kill a human.

Yes, it’s not even a question that Carol definitely is more powerful than most of the characters we have seen so far in the MCU, and seeing all of that come together is going to be big,

THE FILM AND THE MCU: It’s important to know that yes, this is an origin story of Carol and how she becomes the one and only Captain Marvel. But, it’s also important to know that this is a different type of origin story.

The first film since Captain America: The First Avenger to take place in another decade, we get to see Carol take on the 1990s with some familiar faces; a two-eyed Nick Fury, and a de-aged Phil Coulsen.

(Photo Credit): Marvel Studios

By the beginning of the film, Carol already has her Kree powers and has been a member of the StarForce for quite some time at that point. How or why Carol decides to come to Earth is still a bit of a mystery; but if it’s anything similar what we know about the Kree-Skrull war, Carol is most likely coming to our planet to finish the war and stop the Skrulls.

For those not keeping score, Skrulls are shape shifters who infiltrate Earth and begin a war against the Kree.We have learned about the Skrull previously in Guardians of the Galaxy, but Captain Marvel is going to focus on them much more.

Speaking of Guardians of the Galaxy, another familiar face will reappear as we are reintroduced to Lee Pace’s incredibly creepy and maniacal, Ronan the Accuser.


Without much being known about what happens after the 90s, we are left to speculate about the fate of Carol. As seen at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, a fading Nick Fury pages Captain Marvel, summoning her for help in order to defeat Thanos.

But, where is she? We can assume she and Nick Fury maintained somewhat of a relationship since he paged her at the end of Infinity War. But, is she in hiding? It has been years with no mention of Carol whatsoever, is is possible that she’s been hiding in case Fury sent her a distress call?

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios

Another theory suggest we may receive a visit from another fellow hero. Since the Quantum Realm is going to be quite a large role in Avengers: End Game; it would be fitting that possibly someone such as Doctor Strange, or even Scott Lang try and find Carol to seek help. Perhaps in a Marvel-like fashion, we may see a cameo in a classic post-credit scene.

With theories upon theories, I can say one thing for certain; and that is that Carol is going to be a huge role for End Game. Her powers are what we need most to help defeat Thanos and bring the world back some if it’s mightiest heroes.

Captain Marvel crashes into Blockbusters and theatres March 8th; and if you need me, I will be going higher, further, faster all weekend long.

Are you the ultimate superhero movie fan? Test your knowledge. Play along with friends and see who is the biggest superhero movie fan of all!

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