Nerd Culture with Nikki: Why Infinity War Was Snubbed At The Oscars

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By Nikki

In case you weren’t already up to date, The Oscars were this past Sunday. What that means is that awards season has officially come to a close, and it’s time to discuss what movies had gotten snubbed. Of course, that would require a column in itself. So, I’m just going to focus on one film for this tangent; and that is that The Avengers: Infinity War should’ve been nominated for best motion picture.

Black Panther had such an incredible night, how can I not be incredibly proud and excited over that? Taking home three out of the six awards they were nominated for, it was the first time ever a Marvel film had ever won an Academy Award, so of course I was completely ecstatic just like Chris Evans was with his little “we did it,” hand gesture.

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios

There’s no denying it was a great night for Black Panther. It was a great night for movies all around. But, there was one snub from this award season that I simply cannot let go of.

Avengers: Infinity War, not only was one of the most successful movies of 2018 (It sits directly below Black Panther under highest grossing films of all time at number four), it was one of the most anticipated as well. Ten years, to be exact.

This past year marked Marvel Studios tenth anniversary, commemorating it in as many was as they possibly could; the announcement of multiple Marvel-Themed lands to arrive in various Disney Parks, Disney’s upcoming streaming service announcing multiple Marvel related shows based off of beloved characters, and the wait finally over for Infinity War.

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios

I say it should have been nominated this past award season for multiple reasons. The first being that I’m pretty sure no other franchise in film history has ever really done anything that this film set out to do.

This one film was in the making for ten years, took over twenty different films to align this one, and bringing over twenty heroes together for the first time. Let’s break that down in case you can’t comprehend how truly insane and amazing something like this in film:

Since Iron Man premiered in 2008, we knew from the beginning it was just the start. Seeing Nick Fury in the post-credits starting, “The Avengers Initiative,” was just the start of it all.

Since then, in all the following films, we have seen bits and pieces that were all brought together in Infinity War. The introduction to all of the infinity stones, the quantum realm, the severity of Thanos, and so much more that we have seen things hinted towards and discussed that was later an important detail in Infinity War.

I’ve said this once already, but I don’t think I can name another movie franchise where something like this has ever been done. Where all of these films, very different from one another, came together for one big epic? It’s to think of anything, but it seems as if this was completely bypassed when it came to award season.

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios

Besides what was already stated, the acting in Infinity War was for sure something that should have been recognized. From a roller-coaster of a job done by Chris Hemsworth as Thor; making the audience grieve the loss of his brother, Loki,  with him; To an emotional performance from Tom Holland as Peter Parker, making the entire audience fall silence crying to Tony, begging for help.

Call me biased for being a die-hard Marvel fanatic, and a bit selfish for wanting more nominations besides Black Panther; but it really is a disappointment when The Academy refuses to recognize blockbuster films such as Infinity War as cinematic achievements.

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios

I’m certainly not saying Green Book did not deserve to win (I actually loved that movie way more than I thought I would!), or none of the nominations weren’t great films. However, something such as Infinity War should have definitely been recognized as well as other blockbuster films that were released this year that had some sort of cinematic achievement, and yet the academy continues to ignore those.

We can only hope that for future award shows, that these films can receive the credit they deserve. And Black Panther certainly paved a lot for future comic book movies at award shows. At least there is another chance for End Game!

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