On The Teen Beat: Camila Cabello Forced to Quit Songwriting After Break-Up

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Camila Cabello was forced to stop songwriting after a break-up left her “in a dark place”.The former Fifth Harmony singer is due to release her debut solo album ‘The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving.’ later this year, and has revealed she stopped the writing process for a full six months after the breakdown of a relationship left her unable to “confront her emotions”.

Speaking about the break-up, the 20-year-old musician said: “I feel like for a while I was in such a dark place that I feel like I didn’t know how to confront my emotions and that’s kind of why I stopped songwriting. And I feel like after stopping for like six months honestly it was harder to pick it back up and write again.

“Music just became my saviour. It was really helping me reconnect with myself again and it was really helping me talk about what I was going through instead of just keeping it in.”

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Despite being knocked back for half a year, the ‘Crying In The Club’ hitmaker says she’s since put her feelings into a song called ‘I’ll Never Be The Same’, which she hopes to release “soon”.

She said: “I definitely have a song I really want you guys to hear that I really wanted to come out soon. There’s one song in particular I’m really excited about. My favourites kind of change but there’s one song called I’ll Never Be The Same that I’m really excited about. I feel like [it] describes the loving and that was actually about a boy that was not good for me. But I actually got a good song out of it!”

And Camila believes picking the pen back up was the best way to get over her heartbreak, as she started to “open up again” when she began putting her feelings into songs.

Speaking during a Facebook Live chat held by The Sun newspaper, Camila said: “Lyrics can only flow out of me if I’m actually going through something at the time because then I don’t run out of ideas because it’s kind of like I’m just talking, I’m just feeling. Definitely it was hard to pick it back up. I felt like the first time I really started to open up again about what I was going through. Hopefully there’s somebody who I can send my problems and dilemmas to. Because god knows I need that too!”

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