On The Teen Beat— Camila Cabello: “I’ve Never Felt More Alive”

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Camila Cabello has “never felt more alive”.

The 21-year-old singer has taken to her Instagram account to reflect on 2018, saying that the lack of certainty in her life is both “terrifying” and hugely exciting.

The ‘Havana’ hitmaker – who previously starred in the girl group Fifth Harmony – wrote on the photo-sharing website: “New Year’s Eve has always been my favorite holiday- even more than Christmas- there’s something so crazy about thinking of all the moments and emotions and people you met and memories you made at the end of the year, and knowing you couldn’t have predicted ANY of it. Realizing that something unexpected happening in a moment changed your day, changed the course of the week, changed your life for that year, and so on…. every single day really is a blank page; and that thought is both terrifying and exactly what it means to be alive. Looking back on this year, I’ve never felt more alive, never felt the experience of being a human more intensely. I’m exhausted. LOL. But that’s how I want it. 2018. (sic)”

Despite having to contend with a jam-packed schedule, Camila is loving life at the moment, and is excited about what the future might hold.

She wrote: “I’ve never been more in love with life than I was this year. It’s messy, it’s beautiful, it’s hard, it’s unpredictable, it’s full of hope and dreams and discovering who you are, it’s so damn precious. How the story unfolds is and isn’t under our control- all we can do is decide to show up- no matter how scary it is, no matter what happens…. to see how it turns out. Here’s to a blank page tomorrow. (sic)”

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