On The Teen Beat: Music Choice Video Exclusive With Charli XCX “Made a Party” Album—WATCH!

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©Music Choice/Juan Lopez


 We know you have been waiting to hear. So here ya go!  Charli XCX reveals that her next album will definitely have a more uptempo vibe compared to her previous albums. 

She says: “My last album was so like not serious but I was talking a lot about like more kind of serious things all the time in interviews and just being kind of like more miserable (giggle) in interviews all the time and like…was like annoyed at the music industry I suppose and felt like I had something to prove so I feel like my kind of reaction to that was making this new album just ‘cause I was bored of being like…angry or whatever all the time so or like thought of as being angry of the time so I just like spent the whole time I was making the record like partying and that definitely kind of led to a party album which is great.”

Watch the video for more on Charli XCX!


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