Parade Interview: Guy Fieri Talks Tailgating, Feeding Others and Meat—Lots of Meat

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If you want to know how to pregame like a pro, there’s no one better to ask than the Daytime Emmy–winning star of Guy’s Grocery Games and Food Network’s new Triple D Nation (new episode August 24). Celebrity chef, restaurateur and diehard Oakland Raiders fan Guy Fieri shares some of his top game-day recipes and tips in the new issue of Parade.
You Will Not Go Hungry! “I devised all these different tailgating techniques and twists because the last thing I wanted was to go see my team and only have a hot dog,” says Fieri, who’s cooked up everything from meat loaf and pasta to massive pots of jambalaya for up to 300 people at a time.
Super Sandwich. His recipe for show-stopping, mouthwatering Old-School Steak Sandwiches, which can be made ahead, includes crispy onions, garlic, smoked paprika, New York strip steaks and his signature Donkey Sauce. Piles and piles of meat never looked so good! And there’s more: We’ve got recipes for Tequila-Lime Fish Tacos and Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Thighs—both perfect for the grill!
This Meathead Eats Lots of Veggies. Fieri samples a spectrum of spectacular food on his TV shows and goes wild when he tailgates, but he eats sensibly when he’s off-camera. “I eat a lot of whole grains, and I’m a vegetable junkie,” he says. “I drink a lot of fruit and vegetable juice every day.”
He’s Got a Helping Heart. He takes his mobile 48-foot food trailer—a complete kitchen on wheels—to places around the nation in times of need. “When there’s a disaster, I can pull this trailer to any part of the country. I can call any one of my chef buddies and say, ‘You’re down in Houston… You’re down in Florida… Can you get on this trailer?’ Even if we’re making pulled pork and beans, it’s feeding someone when there’s nothing to eat.”
For more about Guy Fieri and his tailgating recipes, see Sunday’s Parade or go to

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