Parade Interview: Jane Pauley Is Not Apologizing

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Jane Pauley: The Queen of Sunday Morning!
In this week’s Parade, the host of CBS Sunday Morning counts her New Year’s blessings as she reflects on her long career, Sundays and the changes brought into her life by a diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

Advice from David Letterman. She appeared at an event with the Late Night host early in her career and remembers him giving this advice to an audience of college students. “He told the kids that success is like robbing a 7-Eleven. The money’s good, but you know you’re going to get caught,” she says. “At some point in our lives we all feel like we’re faking it.”

Not worried anymore. “I’m not faking it now,” says Pauley, 68. “I’m not apologizing for the things I’m good at.” That would certainly include her career (which began at the Today show in 1976), her 38-year marriage to Doonesbury cartoonist Garry Trudeau, their three kids and their trio of grandchildren. “And I’m not apologizing for the things I’m not as good at as other people.”

Special Sundays. Long before she was hosting CBS Sunday Morning (which she began in 2016), she recalls Sunday mornings growing up in Indianapolis, where TV wasn’t a big part of her childhood—but church was. “My mother was the organist and my father was the elder,” she says. “After church, we’d go out for Sunday dinner, then straight to my grandparents’ house.”

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Life takes a turn. After a life-threatening case of hives and bouts of mania and depression triggered by prescription steroids, she found out she was genetically predisposed to bipolar disorder, which made her a vocal advocate for mental health issues. “Since my diagnosis, I had a daytime show, I wrote two books, I had my grandchildren and now I’m on CBS Sunday Morning. The best part of my life happened after the worst diagnosis of my life.”

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