Parade Remembers Glen Campbell One Year After His Death

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Kim and Glen Campbell


In a Parade magazine exclusive this week, Kim Campbell, Glen Campbell’s widow, shares what life was like in the last years before the singer’s death at age 81 from Alzheimer’s nearly a year ago. Included in the story:
First clues that something was wrong
“The early signs were forgetfulness, repeating himself,” says Kim, adding that she tried hard to explain them away. “But then he became very demanding.”
Speaking about the time she was still trying to care for her husband of 34 years at home
“None of us had quality of life. Glen didn’t. The kids didn’t. We were trapped by Alzheimer’s.”
Detailing the decision to move Glen into a Nashville memory care facility, Abe’s Garden, despite some criticism—and even death threats
“I didn’t just put Glen anywhere,” she says. “Our family joined this community. It was such a blessing to us, to have that peace of mind that, no matter what time of day it was, Glen was being checked on and cared for.”


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