Robert Kennedy Remembered—June 6 Is The 51st Anniversary Of RFK’s Assassination—Author Greg Messel Remembers The ‘Dreams That Never Were’ In New Book Out June 6

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New York – Alex Hurley is a young idealistic reporter for the Associate Press and has been given a plum assignment to cover the Robert Kennedy campaign through Oregon and California in the spring of 1968.

It is June 7, 1968. As the story begins Alex is in a hospital bed recovering from a gunshot wound and wondering how he got there. His friends and co-workers help him piece together what happened and he finds out he’s in the same hospital where Sen. Kennedy lies fighting for his life. 

Alex is captivated both by the Presidential race and by Vietnam, where he had recently been a war correspondent. His time in Vietnam had cost him his marriage and bitterly separated him from his own family. 

During Alex’s hospital stay Sen. Kennedy dies in a room just down the hall. Alex mourns the loss of Bobby Kennedy and is convinced that no other candidate for President will end the Vietnam War. 

So begins the captivating new book, Dreams That Never Were, from Seattle-based author Greg Messel. Says Messel, “This is a very personal book. I remembered the passionate political feelings I had as a young man in 1968. I had friends leaving for Vietnam and not coming back. It seemed I routinely heard stories about the latest guy I went to school with who was killed in the war.”

The book is both a story and an examination of the passion that RFK stirred in a country besieged by Vietnam.

Veteran-writer Messel deftly explores how the country coped with RFK’s assassination, the aftermath and what direction Vietnam followed.

The book is released June 6 via Sunbreaks Publishing.

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