Robert Pattinson and the Mystery of the Disappearing Abs

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(Deadbolt)—How “in shape” is Twilight Saga star Robert Pattinson? How many Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys novels have you read on top of The Twilight Saga? What type of Twilight news can be found in the supermarket? It doesn’t really matter. But if you believe anonymous sources who spotted the New Moon star on the set of the Twilight sequel in Italy, one could say that Robert Pattinson doesn’t hit the gym quite as often as some Twilight fans would like to believe.
After reports that New Moon actor Kellen Lutz revealed the in-shape abs of Robert Pattinson were indeed real, refuting an earlier claim of fake abs from a New Moon set photo, new alleged word comes down the Twilight pike from an anonymous source on the set of New Moon in Italy that contradicts the earlier abs statement by Lutz, indicating the rock hard abs of Robert Pattinson are fake. Lutz, who came to the defense of Robert Pattinson, revealed that the abs of Pattinson were a direct result of his training schedule with a beefed up Taylor Lautner. Read more

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