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Since Robert Pattinson has been filming Remember Me in New York City, he has been besieged by the constant attention and harrassment from tween, teen girls and even their moms who all just want a glimpse of the Brit star. A source told the New York Daily News that the 23-year-old actor is “overwhelmed” and homesick for London. We won’t go as far as say he hates New York City like other entertainment sources have posted.

“Robert is dying to get home,” reveals the source, who is described as an “insider” by the NY Daily News. “He is so over everything. He is overwhelmed by all the girls— they terrify him! Girls grab his neck and clothing all the time, and he’s not used to that. Fans don’t do that in London.”
Let’s not forget that just a few weeks ago Robert escaped serious injury when he was grazed by a taxi cab— running away from a throng screaming fans.
“He’s embarrassed by the way girls are throwing themselves at him,” the source summed up. “The girls are stalking him. He’s being advised by security not to encourage the crowd, so he doesn’t even look up anymore.”
Okay girls, so we know you mean well, but you gotta give poor Robert some space. As another insider told a reporter the crew is also concerned because Robert is “so skinny and stressed. Everyone on the set is worried about him.”
So, who is going to do the right thing and give the guy a break?

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