Ryan Reynolds Taught Himself to Express Emotions Through a Mask

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Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds taught himself how to express emotion while wearing a mask for the ‘Deadpool’ franchise.

The 41-year-old actor’s face is covered by a mask for large portions of the new Marvel movie, and Ryan has revealed how he learned to still connect with his audience.

He shared: “It’s the miracle of the mask!

“It’s also sort of … with the first movie, I thought, ‘We’re done, we’re dead. This is never going to work.’ And then, I took the camera for two days and played with stuff for two days.

“I just sort of learned that – not unlike a silent film or Marcel Marceau, these guys – you just be bigger. You just have to go bigger and push through the mask. And somehow it works, somehow it translates.”

Ryan also admitted to feeling lucky to have been handed the role of Deadpool, describing it as a “limitless” experience.

The Canadian star explained that he felt born to play the character, and revealed he relished his time on the set of the film.

He told ITV’s ‘Lorraine’: “It’s pretty limitless. I would say it’s the role that I feel most privileged to have in my entire career. I feel like I was sort of born for it – I love Deadpool.

“The hardest thing on this set was keeping a straight face, but that’s what a mask is for!

“There are takes in the movie where I know I’m cracking up laughing under the mask but I’m doing it silently, but I’m supposed to be listening to something serious. It’s in there. If you watch you can kind of feel it.”

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