David Crosby

In The Glorious Corner: R.I.P. Glen Campbell, Letterman is Back, Ray Romano is Everywhere, David Crosby’s New Album and More!

  G,H. Harding  GLEN CAMPBELL – This loss was huge, very huge. The news came later yesterday that Campbell had passed after a prolonged fight against Alzheimer’s. I first got to hear Campbell’s music when I was young. Believe it or not, a close friend had worked for Campbell’s then-manager and the Smothers Brothers, whose show […]

Today in The Glorious Corner: Crosby, Stills & Nash, The New York Times, Carlos Danger and More!

  NASH NEWS — Crosby, Stills & Nash fans who thought they spotted a glimmer of hope in Graham Nash‘s recent “you never know” response to the idea of a reunion may want to lower their expectations. In a recent video aired by TMZ, Nash rejected that notion out of hand when approached by the gossip-site at LAX. “No way. No,” […]

Joni Mitchell Has Made “Remarkable Progress”

  The 73-year-old folk singer was hospitalised in March after suffering a brain aneurysm but is now “happy to be home” and in receipt of “excellent” care. Her attorney Rebecca J. Thyne told People magazine: “When I arrived [at her house], she was seated at her kitchen table feeding herself lunch. “She also told me […]

David Crosby Says Joni Mitchell Suffered Aneurysm

Displayed with permission from Newsweek The singer David Crosby in a recent interview with the Huffington Postsaid his old friend Joni Mitchell, the celebrated Canadian vocalist and visual artist, had sustained an aneurysm before she was admitted to a hospital in late March under mysterious circumstances. The 71-year-old regained consciousness on the way there after being found […]


Late-Friday night came word that musician/activist DAVID CROSBY (Crosby, Stills & Nash) would be the featured guest on Monday’s (10-5) BRETT WINTERBLE SHOW (XM Radio-AMERICA’S TALK – channel 166). Crosby is no stranger to talk radio, but, welcomed (through his publicist) the forum to talk about politics and the election, right before it happens the […]