Don Johnson

The Glorious Corner: Don Johnson, ‘Grace and Frankie’ Season Four, RIP The Cranberries Dolores O’Riordan, ‘Good ‘n Screwed” Joanna Bonaro, NYC’s Honey West and More

    G.H. Harding  DON JOHNSON RETURNS —Even though we’re still in the early days of 2018, TV fans have already witnessed what may become the first breakout comedy of the year in Fox’s airy comedy LA to Vegas. The raunchy new series is anchored by fun writing,  goofy characters and a career-high performance from […]

The Glorious Corner by G.H. Harding: Homeland Survives, Tis The Season, Don Johnson Dumped, Kinks Fans Rejoice and More!

by G.H. Harding HOMELAND SURVIVES — When Showtime’s Homeland first premiered in 2011, it deftly stepped into very much uncharted territory. The tragedy of 9/11 imbued with the groundswell of terrorist activity and the constant fear that we all now lived with was all something new for the small screen. It was certainly not your typical playbook for […]