The Glorious Corner: Last Friday in TV Land, Foreigner’s #1 on Billboard Classical Charts, Robert Miller’s Project Grand Slam and More

  G.H. Harding  BLACK FRIDAY — In TV parlance, being on the bubble is industry-slang, meaning there’s a better-than-average-chance of your show being dropped … without any warning. Last Friday in TV land a series of bombs went off. 20 shows were canceled in 24 hours. This week are the-so-called Upfronts, where each TV station […]

The Glorious Corner: Foreigner’s 40th Anniversary Tour, Van Morrison’s New Album, Rolling Stones Heading Back to the Studio and More!

    G.H. Harding  FOREIGNER’S 40th — Thursday night one of rock’s most desired reunions made history last night when Ian McDonald of Honey West joined fellow original Foreigner members Lou Gramm and Al Greenwood for an impromptu appearance with Foreigner on stage for the first time since 1980, at the Jones Beach Theatre for a […]

Today in the Glorious Corner: 2017 Golden Globe Winners, Foreigner, Mariah Carey, Al Roker and More!

    G.H. Harding  JUKE BOX HEROES —Foreigner‘s taking to the road again for their 40th anniversary, and they’ve invited some familiar faces along – including original frontman Lou Gramm. Cheap Trick and former drummer Jason Bonham will share the bill, which will also feature guest turns by Gramm’s fellow departed co-founders Ian McDonald and […]

The Glorious Corner: New George Harrison and Spooky Tooth Music Released, Don Henley Looks Back, Cherchez Streamed Live and More!

    By G.H. Harding WRIGHT & HARRISON — Guitar tracks recorded by George Harrison in 1972 for Spooky Tooth’s Gary White will be released next month. Harrison contributed to Spooky Tooth frontman Gary Wright’s Wonderwheel album Ring Of Changes – but the album was abandoned, with only the single “I Know” being heard. Harrison is heard on “Goodby Sunday” and several […]