The Pulitzer Prize Winner Who Now Works at a Brewery

  Zach Schonfeld Displayed with permission from Newsweek Every journalist dreams of winning a Pulitzer Prize someday. For Ryan Kelly, that day came eight months after he started a full-time job outside of journalism. Kelly, 31, is the photojournalist who captured the brutal moment a car rammed into a crowd of counterprotesters at a white nationalist rally […]

How Newsweek Grappled with Kurt Cobain’s Death in 1994

Newsweek Archives Displayed with permission from Newsweek For music fans of a certain age, Kurt Cobain’s April 5, 1994, suicide was as seismic, gutting and incomprehensible as the murder of John Lennon a generation earlier. Cobain, the lead singer and driving force of the band Nirvana, fundamentally altered the landscape of music and popular culture […]

Queen: Listen to ‘We Will Rock You’ Alternative Take

  Follow @TheMacWire  and  M.A. Cassata on Facebook Displayed with permission from Newsweek   This is Queen’s “We Will Rock You” and “We Are the Champions” as you’ve never heard them before. To mark the 40th anniversary of the dual-single release of two of Queen’s biggest hits on Saturday, Newsweek has the exclusive premiere of alternative, never-before-heard recordings of both […]

On The Teen Beat: Liam Payne’s Solo Music is “Straight Pop”.

  Liam Payne‘s solo music is “straight pop”. The former One Direction star is the last of the boy band to release solo music and singer songwriter Ryan Tedder has teased what fans can expect of his new music. Asked to describe Liam Payne’s solo material, he said: “If you took ‘Story of My Life’ […]

Human Interest: April The Giraffe Is Giving Hope To Millions

Displayed with permission from Newsweek There are very few stories in the news these days that the world isn’t divided over. One development, however, should inspire hope for all viewing audiences, as it might just be one of the last things capable of uniting a fractured America: April the giraffe. April has quickly become a household […]

George Michael’s Humanity Inspired Fans’ Adoration

    Displayed with permission from Newsweek This article, and others about the life and death of the pop icon George Michael, are featured in Newsweek’s Special Commemorative Edition: George Michael. George Michael never harbored any ambitions toward grand courage or heroism: He was very open about his enthusiasm for pop music and his early desire […]

Carrie Fisher in 1999: “Star Wars Taught Me Everything”

Below is an excerpt of Carrie Fisher’s essay for Newsweek in May 1999. Fisher passed away on Tuesday, December 27, 2016. Picture this: I’m in Westwood Village, seeing “The Matrix.” Keanu Reeves is looking very buff and Prada. I’m alone. My daughter, Billie, and I saw the TV ad where Keanu’s mouth starts mutating, and […]

Beyond Star Wars: The Movies That Made Harrison Ford

Displayed with permission from Newsweek This article, and others about Harrison Ford and his iconic roles, are featured in Newsweek’s special edition, Harrison Ford—50 Years of Hollywood’s Greatest Hero. Most actors spend their entire careers working in quiet, dignified (or not-so dignified) obscurity to the rest of the world, the memory of their roles fading in the audiences’ […]

Bob Dylan Wins the Nobel Prize in Literature

Love chocolate? Discover all you can do with Dove Chocolate. SHOP NOW! Follow @TheMacWire  and  M.A. Cassata on Facebook Displayed with permission from Tribune Content Agency    Bob Dylan was announced as the winner of the Nobel Prize in literature on Thursday morning. Dylan was awarded the prize “for having created new poetic expressions within the American song tradition.” The […]

New Study: Charlie Sheen May Be Helping Raise HIV Awareness

Displayed with permission from Newsweek Whether he meant to or not, Charlie Sheen may have created a positive impact for public health when he disclosed his HIV status in November, according to a research letter published Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine (The Journal of the American Medical Association). In “News and Internet Searches About Human Immunodeficiency Virus After Charlie […]

New David Bowie Music Set For 2017 Release

The world is still mourning the loss of David Bowie, but if there’s to be any consolation, the legendary musician will posthumously release a plethora of new music. Apparently a collection of unreleased songs will steadily trickle out over the next year or two. The tracks span the course of his lengthy career, which as […]

Star Wars Boosts Box Office to a Record $11 Billion

Displayed with permission from Newsweek Not satisfied with breaking a bunch of box office records around the world, Star Wars: The Force Awakens has helped make 2015 the highest earning year in U.S box office history. Rentrak, monitors of consumer viewership, reported on Tuesday that U.S. cinemagoers spent $11 billion over the past year, $200 […]

Why Did So Many Good Pop Culture Sites Die in 2015?

The day before Halloween, Grantland came crashing down. The news wasn’t entirely a surprise—the ESPN-owned pop culture and sports site had been hanging by a thread since editor Bill Simmons’s exit—but it prompted a familiar cycle of breathless eulogizing and hand-wringing from afar. Well-liked media outlets fold and fold again, but Grantland, with its enviable […]