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Interview: Ringo Starr Talks Peace & Love, Sobriety and What He Really Thought of Yoko

People News Desk In an exclusive interview and photo and video shoot with Parade, Ringo Starr opened up for a candid conversation that began with one of his favorite topics—one has also become his mantra and mission. Plus: What he wants for his birthday and his favorite Beatles song! Peace & Love. Starting 11 years ago July […]

Interview: Winona Ryder Shares Stories From Her Childhood, Stranger Things and More

Pop Culture News Desk By M.A. Cassata In an exclusive interview with Parade, Winona Ryder says she’s an old-soul homebody who binge-watches TV documentaries, loves reading (real books!) and steers clear of social media. “I’m convinced [technology] is going to make everybody go blind!” she says with a laugh.  Beatnik Baby. Born in rural Minnesota—in a town, […]

Interview: Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard Get Real About Their Marriage (& All Those Rumors)

In an exclusive Parade interview and photo shoot with Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, the two actors talk about their kids, their 11 years of togetherness, their $150 wedding and the myths about being a power couple in Hollywood today. Sticky introduction. After an initial meeting at a friend’s dinner party, they later bumped into each other at an […]

Parade Interview: Jane Pauley Is Not Apologizing

Jane Pauley: The Queen of Sunday Morning! In this week’s Parade, the host of CBS Sunday Morning counts her New Year’s blessings as she reflects on her long career, Sundays and the changes brought into her life by a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Advice from David Letterman. She appeared at an event with the Late […]

Interview: Will Ferrell & John C. Reilly Talk Comedy Roots and Sherlock Schtick

    Comedy collaborators Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, co-stars of the new Sherlock Holmes spoof Holmes & Watson (in theaters Dec. 25), talk to Parade about bringing their movie mojo into the Victorian era—and the fine art of funny business. Comedy Roots. Ferrell figured he might have a thing for comedy when he […]

Interview: Drama Queen Steve Carell Still Wants to Make You Laugh

Steve Carell Is a Drama Queen! In this week’s Parade, the funnyman of TV’s The Office and so many memorable movie comedies explains how he moved into serious roles—and decided to do good in the world. (And yes, he still wants to make you smile!) His two new movies, Welcome to Marwen (Dec. 21) and […]

Interview: Lin-Manuel Miranda & Dick Van Dyke Sing the Praises of Mary Poppins Returns

In an exclusive photo shoot and interviews for this weekend’s Parade, Dick Van Dyke and Lin-Manual Miranda—co-star collaborators in the new Mary Poppins Returns (in theaters Dec. 19)—spread the love for song, dance and Disney delights. Dick is back! Van Dyke, who’ll turn 93 on Dec. 13, also starred in the original Mary Poppins, released […]

Interview: Cher Looks Back on Movies, Motherhood, Boyfriends and More

By M.A. Cassata We’re so excited! Pop culture’s prima diva, 72, sat down with Parade magazine for an exclusive wide-ranging conversation about her “Cher-a-palooza” career, which most recently includes a special appearance in the summer movie Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, a concert tour, a new album, a contract to write her memoir, a […]

Gift Guide 2018: Stars Share Their Favorite Christmas Memories and Holiday Shopping Inspiration

Santa’s making his list and checking it twice… Maybe jolly old St. Nick was listening when these celebrities—and many others—told Parade about some of their favorite Christmas gifts from years gone by. Read all about it in Sunday’s issue! Cabbage Patch Haircut Kristen Bell of TV’s The Good Place remembers getting carried away with her […]

Interview: Jamie Lee Curtis in Conversation With Leonard Maltin

  Follow The Mac Wire on Twitter and  M.A. Cassata on Instagram and  Facebook In an exclusive Parade interview with movie expert and film historian Leonard Maltin, Jamie Lee Curtis—who’ll again face creepy, hard-to-kill Michael Myers in theaters Oct. 19—talks about growing up a Hollywood kid, her long marriage to filmmaker-actor Christopher Guest and how horror has shaped […]

Interview: Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman Talk Love, Marriage and Comedy

In an exclusive this week, Parade gives a shout-out to the most lovable, laughable comedy couples in entertainment history, including Gracie Allen & George Burns, Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz, Rita Wilson & Tom Hanks as well as Melissa McCarthy & Ben Falcone. Added to the list of classic and contemporary comedy couples is Megan […]

Sally Field: “Acting Set Me Free”

Movies News Desk In an exclusive for Parade, available this weekend, the forever young Oscar-winning actress discusses her leading men, including the late Burt Reynolds, her escape from a traumatic childhood and her anti-aging secrets. Forever Young, Forever Tough. Field, 71, credits “genetics” for the “constantly girlish quality” that’s been her signature look. “I’ve heard […]

Emmys 2018: The Most Memorable Moments From 70 Years of Ceremonies

  Just ahead of the 70th Annual Emmy Awards (Monday, Sept. 17, on NBC, hosted by SNL’s Michael Che and Colin Jost), Parade spotlights milestone moments, timeless trivia, beloved winners and surprising statistics of TV’s biggest night. (Plus, we reveal what Che and Jost love to binge-watch—and binge-eat—and their suggested ending for the Game of […]

Interview: This Is Us Season 3: Milo Ventimiglia & Mandy Moore Give the Scoop

  TV News Desk The close-knit Pearson clan is back for more flashbacks, flash-forwards, laughter and tears when NBC’s hit drama This Is Us returns for season three on Tuesday, Sept. 25. In exclusive interviews and video with Parade, co-stars Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore —who play husband and wife Jack and Rebecca on the […]

Parade Interview: Guy Fieri Talks Tailgating, Feeding Others and Meat—Lots of Meat

If you want to know how to pregame like a pro, there’s no one better to ask than the Daytime Emmy–winning star of Guy’s Grocery Games and Food Network’s new Triple D Nation (new episode August 24). Celebrity chef, restaurateur and diehard Oakland Raiders fan Guy Fieri shares some of his top game-day recipes and […]

Parade Interview: Billy Joel An Unlikely Rock Star

Music News Desk   Follow The Mac Wire on Twitter and  M.A. Cassata on Instagram and  Facebook In an exclusive in this weekend’s Parade, “Piano Man” Billy Joel goes deep with Dotson Rader about his music, his relationships with the women in his life, the toll of fame and superstardom, his struggles with alcohol and why he feels […]

Interview: Roseanne 2018: Back on the Conner Couch & Still Telling It Like It Is

    Follow The Mac Wire on Twitter and  M.A. Cassata on Instagram and  Facebook In exclusive interviews in this weekend’s Parade, Roseanne Barr and John Goodman talk about their long friendship, the real-life roots of their iconic TV characters, Roseanne and Dan Conner, and the return of their hit series, which begins March 27 on ABC. Family […]

The Oscars: Most Memorable Moments, Juicy Tidbits, Plus Insider Tips From Host Jimmy Kimmel

  Follow The Mac Wire on Twitter and  M.A. Cassata on Instagram and  Facebook As the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences gears up for the 90th annual presentation of the Oscars on Sunday, March 4, on ABC, Parade polls readers on the awards show’s most memorable moments, and host Jimmy Kimmel provides a sneak peek into […]