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Parade Interview: Mindy Kaling on Life, Celebrity…and the Downside

This Sunday, Parade visits Mindy Kaling, the force behind TV’s The Mindy Project, at her Los Angeles home. Although the currently single 34-year-old is working overtime as the creator, head writer, and star of her show, she takes a break to open up to the magazine about her design philosophy (“I’m a ‘more is more’ […]

Parade Interview: What Tom Hanks Learned From the Real Capt. Phillips–The Making of a Hero

What makes a hero? This Sunday, Parade pursuesthat question with Capt. Richard Phillips, who was heralded for his heroic actions after Somali pirates attacked his ship, the Maersk Alabama, in April 2009, and actor Tom Hanks, who plays him in the riveting film Captain Phillips, based on his ordeal. The two men spoke to Parade […]

Robin Williams on Returning To TV, Getting Sober and Downsizing in His 60s

Parade visits Robin Williams, who is returning to TV in his first series since he gained fame in Mork & Mindy more than 30 years ago. The beloved actor, 62, plays an unorthodox adman in CBS’s The Crazy Ones (starting Sept. 26), co-starring Sarah Michelle Gellar as his daughter and ad agency partner. “We needed […]

Michael J. Fox Turned to Alcohol to Cope With Illness

Michael J. Fox discovered he had Parkinson’s disease in 1991 and confesses he turned to alcohol to drown his sorrows. He tells Parade magazine, “For a time I dealt with it with alcohol, which turned out to be a disaster. I’d always been kind of a partier, but this was the first time I was […]