Star Trek: The Next Generation

The Glorious Corner: Sir Patrick Stewart, Ryan Murphy, Stevie Nicks, Donnie Kehr and More

  G.H. Harding  JEAN LUC RELOADED — Its official — Patrick Stewart is returning to the Star Trek franchise. The acclaimed Shakespearean actor is set to headline a new Star Trek series for CBS All Access, reprising his iconic Next Generationcharacter, Captain Jean-Luc Picard. The project, which has been rumored since the June announcement of […]

Stephen Hawking’s Top 5 Pop Culture Cameos

Anna Menta Displayed with permission from Newsweek Stephen Hawking, the theoretical physicist who died early Wednesday morning at the age of 76, is a name known well beyond the world’s science labs and universities. Children, athletes, stay-at-home parents all across the world know Hawking because he was more than just an award-winning scientist—he was also a beloved figure […]

Worf Ancestor In ‘Star Trek: Discovery’? It Almost Happened

Displayed with permission from iDigital Times Between Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Michael Dorn has appeared in more episodes of Star Trek than any other actor. We can’t seem to get enough of his character Worf, born a Klingon on Qo’noS but raised by humans on Earth. And while […]

5 ‘Star Trek’ Series to Run Back to Back on Heroes & Icons Network

Displayed with permission from Tribune Content Agency CHICAGO — Heroes & Icons is boldly going where no television network has gone before — airing all five “Star Trek” series back to back. Beginning July 24, Trekkies can binge on the original “Star Trek” and its spinoffs “The Next Generation,” “Deep Space Nine,” “Voyager” and “Enterprise” […]

Sir Patrick Stewart Tapped As Peabody Awards Host

Sir Patrick Stewart, Peabody Award-winning star of stage and screen, Shakespeare plays and science-fiction blockbusters, will be the host of the 71st Annual George Foster Peabody Awards ceremony on Monday, May 21, at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. “Patrick Stewart, the first actor to host the Peabody Awards Presentation Luncheon, brings a career […]