The Glorious Corner

The Glorious Corner: Music Sampling, Queen, Vanilla Ice, Designated Survivor and More

  G.H. Harding  MERCURY PRESSURE —Via Ultimate Classic Rock: Sampling has become an ingrained part of musical culture, and these days, there’s an established legal protocol for any artist who wants to reuse a portion of another act’s recording. But in the early 90’s, those details were all still being litigated — which is how […]

The Glorious Corner: Guns N’Roses, Mantus, Jonny Lee Miller and More

  G.H. Harding  MANTUS RETURNS — From Brooklyn basements and block parties to three Top Ten Dance hits on the Billboard charts, the group once pegged as New York’s favorite disco era band are commemorating their 40th anniversary; reunited, in the studio and back to their pop-rock roots, Mantus releases a new full-length album EST.1976. […]

The Glorious Corner: Rufus Wainwright, Guitar Center Chain, Debbie Gibson and More

  G.H. Harding DEAR RUFUS — Very rarely have I ever seen an artist for the first time where I am completely and instantly captivated by his artistry and abilities. I was well aware of Rufus Wainwright, his unique lineage and even some experience with his music, but, that said, his show Friday night at […]

The Glorious Corner: Amy Schumer, Tina Fey, Al Pacino, Tribeca Fest and More

  G.H. Harding  AMY & TINA DO SNL —Tina and Amy are back … sort of. NBC has announced the final two hosts of Saturday Night Live’s 43rd season. First up is Amy Schumer, who is set to return for her second hosting stint on May 12 with musical guest Kacey Musgraves. Then on May […]

The Glorious Corner: Spirit Parade’s “World’s Apart”, Michael Douglas Supposed Harassment, Micky Dolenz’s New “Out of Nowhere” Release and More!

G.H. Harding SPIRIT PARADE — We’ve always championed new bands from all over and in this missive we wanted to spotlight, from Baltimore of all places, Spirit Parade – and, their new album Worlds Apart – to be released this Friday. A genre defying band with influences ranging from blues, soul, rock, jazz, and Latin while […]

The Glorious Corner: Fox’s “Good Day L.A.” Steve Edwards Out, R.I.P. Smithereens Pat DiNizio, Rock Veterans Vanilla Fudge Release  Live at Sweden Rock: The 50th Anniversary, and More

    G.H. Harding  DINIZIO PASSES —Singer/songwriter Pat DiNizio, who sold millions of records with his New Jersey band, the Smithereens, has died. He passed away just days after indicating via Facebook that he was looking forward to returning to the road. DiNizio was 62 years old and had been recovering from injuries sustained during a fall. […]

The Glorious Corner: Fox’s ‘Gotham’, Noted Musician Marcus Goldhaber, Art Garfunkel’s Forthcoming Bio Book, Seth MacFarlane’s Hit ‘Orville”, Micky Dolenz and More!

G.H. Harding  GOTHAM — Fox’s Gotham has had an interesting ride. It started out as the story of young James Gordon (Ben McKenzie), not yet as the commissioner of the GCPD (Gotham City Police Dept), but, rather as a young buck coming up in the ranks. It’s also the story of Batman, before Batman. Bruce Wayne […]

The Glorious Corner: Chrissie Hynde’s No Cell Phone Policy, Cable TV’s Barry Z Passes, Donnie Kehr’s Rockers On Broadway

  G.H. Harding  CHRISSIE HYNDE — Trying to reverse the proliferation of glowing cellphone screens in the audience at today’s concerts is like trying to push back against the tide — but Pretenders frontwoman Chrissie Hynde isn’t going down without a fight, even if it means cutting a show short after profanely berating the crowd. […]

The Glorious Corner: Justin Timberlake Returns to the Super Bowl Half-Time Show, Author Mark Bego’s “Eat Like A Rock Star’s Celebration, Canada’s Tragically Hip Frontman Passes, and More

  G.H. Harding  BEGO EATS AT THE CUTTING ROOM — Last Thursday was the book launch or Mark Bego’s Eat Like A Rock Star (Skyhorse) at Steve Walter’s Cutting Room and it was a blast from start to finish. The book, which has already hit #5 on Amazon’s Best Selling Cookbooks list (bet you didn’t […]

The Glorious Corner: ‘Blade Runner 2049’, Micky Dolenz Announcement, Mark Bego’s ‘Eat Like A Rock Star’, Melissa Etheridge Busted and More!

      DULL BLADE — For someone who grew into adulthood thinking that Blade Runner was one of the best movies … ever, Blade Runner 2049 is a sorry, sorry mess. The first movie, released in 1982, was scrumptious in almost every way: the music (Vangelis) was nothing short of extraordinary and still is […]

The Glorious Corner: Foreigner’s 40th Anniversary Tour, Van Morrison’s New Album, Rolling Stones Heading Back to the Studio and More!

    G.H. Harding  FOREIGNER’S 40th — Thursday night one of rock’s most desired reunions made history last night when Ian McDonald of Honey West joined fellow original Foreigner members Lou Gramm and Al Greenwood for an impromptu appearance with Foreigner on stage for the first time since 1980, at the Jones Beach Theatre for a […]

The Glorious Corner: Freddie Mercury Bio Pic, Fleetwood Mac at Classic West, Megyn Kelly’s New Show and More!

  G.H. Harding  MERCURY BIO PIC A GO — Queen have announced that the long-awaited and highly anticipated official biopic of their late singer Freddie Mercury is “finally happening” after spending years in production hell. And they’ve confirmed that X-Men director Bryan Singer is on board for the film, titled Bohemian Rhapsody, alongside Mr. Robot […]