TBS Programming Alert: “The Big Bang Theory”

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(via Press Release)—Continuing today, Friday May 10, TBS is celebrating The Big Bang Theory 
series finale with seven nights of programming. Each night will air five
episodes dedicated to a different character, chosen by the actor behind them.

With the actors’ commentaries, the linear schedule is below.

8:30 PM – “The Barbarian Sublimation”
Penny becomes addicted to an online game based on the world of Conan
the Barbarian and persistently pesters Sheldon for advice.

“I had real Cheetos all over my face and enjoyed every second of it. [The one where Penny gets crazy with online gaming]”

9:00 PM – “Bath Item Gift Hypothesis”
Sheldon irks the gangs with his obsession with proper Christmas gift
protocol. Leonard’s crushed when Penny dates a colleague of his.

“That hug was one of the highlights of this show for me. [The one where Sheldon hugs Penny]”

9:30 PM – “Adhesive Duck Deficiency”
With the rest of the gang off on a desert camping trip to view the Leonid meteor shower, Sheldon must play hero after Penny slips in the tub and dislocates her shoulder.

“Jim and I laughed so hard while shooting the scene where he puts my shirt on. We couldn’t keep a straight face. [The one where Penny breaks her arm and Sheldon has to take her to the ER]”

10:00 PM – “The 43 Peculiarity”
Howard and Raj try to solve a mystery about Sheldon.

“That was one take and done!! [The one where Penny tells Leonard she loves him]”

10:30 PM – “The Scavenger Vortex”
Raj puts together a scavenger hunt that turns into serious, cutthroat competition among the gang.

“One of my favorite episodes, everyone had something hilarious to do and it was so well written. [The group scavenger hunt]

8:00 PM – “The Wheaton Recurrence”
Sheldon gets to square off at the bowling alley against nemesis Wil Wheaton. Meanwhile, Leonard’s miffed when Penny doesn’t respond the way he hoped after saying I love you.

“Leonard says I love you – It was the very personal moments, such as the character having his heart broken, that permitted us to mature him. That was always exciting as I knew it would be a changed Leonard moving forward. Still Leonard, but that I’d need to consider that he would see things differently.”

8:30 PM – “The Benefactor Factor”
After meeting at a fundraising gala, an aged but wealthy, Caltech donor makes Leonard ponder if he’s willing to have sex with her to secure another donation.

“Mrs. Lathem – I loved working with Jessica Walter. And that Penny saw a side of Leonard she didn’t before know. Or consider.”

9:00 PM – “The 43 Peculiarity”
Howard and Raj try to solve a mystery about Sheldon.

“Penny says I love you – This was probably my favorite memory of a live audience taping. It felt very private. The cameras, crew and audience kind of disappeared in that moment. And that was the moment we used. One take.”

9:30 PM – “The Gorilla Disolution”
A trying day at the movie shoot leaves Penny with questions about her life choices, so she decides to act on it; and caring for a bedridden Mrs. Wolowitz proves a challenge for Howard and Bernadette.

“Penny and Leonard get engaged – I found it heartbreakingly sweet Leonard quietly carried a ring for God-knows-how-long. For all of his math and science, Leonard was a diehard romantic sentimentalist. It’s never more evident than in this episode.”

10:00 PM – “The Graduation Transmission”
Wolowitz questions his abilities when he and Sheldon can’t get a drone to fly. A canceled flight nearly prevents Leonard from giving the commencement address. Raj pits his parents against each other when his father cuts him off financially.

“Graduation speech – I remember talking a lot with Chuck Lorre while we filmed this. He had the great note to play the speech in the tone of a future me giving myself advice.”

8:00 PM – “The Luminous Fish Effect”
Sheldon’s getting fired forces him to explore what life has to offer outside physics, leaving Leonard to take drastic action to snap his friend out of his funk.

There are many things about this episode that I like, but I picked it for one reason and one reason only: it is the first time I had the chance to meet and work with Laurie Metcalf, which was a dream come true.”

8:30 PM – “The Adhesive Duck Deficiency”
With the rest of the gang off on a desert camping trip to view the Leonid meteor shower, Sheldon must play hero after Penny slips in the tub and dislocates her shoulder.

Kaley and I had some of our very best times on this show doing Sheldon and Penny scenes and this episode was full of them. From the awkwardness of Sheldon helping Penny get dressed, to the inappropriate way Sheldon helps Penny fill out her hospital forms, I can still vividly remember working on these scenes, even nine years later.”

9:00 PM – “The Pants Alternative”
Sheldon’s fear of speaking in front of large groups threatens his ability to accept an award, so the gang tries to help him get ready for the big night.

I loved how I got to work in one-on-one scenes with each of the other characters, that was a lot of fun. The big scene at the end, which may LOOK like a lot of fun, was actually very stressful: learning that Element Song nearly put me over the edge, mentally!”

9:30 PM – “The Agreement Dissection”
Priya uses her legal expertise to rip apart Sheldon’s roommate agreement, and the women take the flustered Sheldon out dancing.

“I loved the structure of this episode, the way I got to sort of take part in two different story lines: girls night and the fight over the roommate agreement at home. It was also a really fun episode with Mayim.”

10:00 PM – “The Ornithophobia Diffusion”
Sheldon must overcome his fear of birds.

“This was an absolutely absurd idea that our writers handled beautifully. Sheldon’s heartbroken desperation when the bird flies away was a genius idea that still makes me giggle when I think of it.”

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