The Glorious Corner: 2018 Oscars, Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway, Elton John’s Oscar Party and More

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Jimmy Kimmel

G.H. Harding

OSCAR’s 90th It wasn’t a bad show by any stretch (Oscar’s 90th!); though Kimmel’s riff on winning the jet ski during his opening monologue, was a tad cheesy (with Dame Helen Mirren no less) – almost harking back to Rob Lowe dancing with Snow White years back … remember that? The first change I really noticed with the first award (to a most deserving Sam Rockwell, who thanked the late-Philip Seymour Hoffman in his speech) was that each envelope was labeled, very clearly I might add, with specifically what category it was for. No, last year’s mistake, which Kimmel referred to a bit too much, was not going to happen again.

Eva Marie Saint

The Dolby Theater stage looked positively stunning and though most of the usual suspects won, some of the speeches were really inspired. Director Guillermo Del Toro’s speech was decidedly political and clearly from the heart. The musical performances were just so-so, leading me to think yet again, they’re just not writing them like they used too. The one aspect of the show that really got to me, and many other, was the terrific packaging of past clips, past winners and prized moments from Oscar’s 90 years of film. Truth be told, these older clips (be it Eva Marie Saint from On The Waterfront –who was there and just dazzled- or clips featuring the likes of Kirk Douglas, Ernest Borgnine, Al Pacino or Jack Nicholson, were simply spectacular. Again, they’re not making them like that anymore. I sadly believe, those days are long gone.

The opening moments of the show were broadcast in black-and-white with clips of the first few Oscar shows and again, just dazzling. Kimmel opened without any sort of personalized homage to the year’s best films, like Billy Crystal excelled so well at. Black-and-white went to color and there he was. Kimmel was good, not great, but seeing him always makes me think back to when Johnny Carson hosted them … and, boy, did he do a superb job.

Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty

Not a bad show … actually, to me the best awards show of them all this year!

A few other Oscar-notes:

*Best Actress winner Frances McDormand seemed a tad unhinged. Did she start celebrating early? Actually, having all the females stand up and be acknowledged was a grand gesture. Husband Joel Coen must have his hands full at home!

*There must have been a dozen or so ads for American Idol, which re-launches next weekend. Almost overkill. And, Ryan Seacrest was in almost every one of them.

*I watched Ryan’s E-pre show and thankfully, he was not boycotted by any means. I still contend he’s getting raw deal and believe me, I bet it was very difficult to go out there and do the show, but that’s what a true professional does. He’s fighting for his life right now …. and, I for one wish him nothing but the best.

*Ads for the re-boot of Roseanne and Mary Poppins were cute, though Roseanne a tad scary. And, the first trailer forNetflix’s House Of Cards, sans Spacey, was pretty awesome! Robin Wright rules!

*Best Supporting Actress winner Allison Janney beginning her speech by saying I did it all myself! Brilliant!

*Kimmel’s show stunt, bringing several stars to a theater and surprising guests was pretty cool.

*Rita Moreno wearing the same dress she wore in 1962 (when she won for West Side Story) … awesome!

*And, my, what has happened to Faye Dunaway? 

SHORT TAKESSeems like Elton John’s Oscar party last evening had the most curious assemblage of guests: Joan Collins; Peter Fonda; Joe Jackson; Spike Lee; Mily Cyrus and Mary Wilson! … David Ogden Stiers of MASH Fame RIP … Rebecca Holden (Knight Rider) and producer-Joel Diamond at last night’s ACCS Oscar Viewing Gala, China Night, at the Sofitel Hotel … Happy Bday to Q1043’s Jonathan Clarke … and,  author Mark Bego is L. A. this week for more “Eat Like A Rock Star” interviews

 NAMES IN THE NEWS — David Furnish; Spike Lee; Coati Mundi; Jerry Brandt; Deb Caponetta; Andy Fuhrman; Zach Martin; Jim Kerr; Jane Blunkell; Mark Bego; Joan Collins; Brett Winterble; Tom & Lisa Cuddy and Chip.


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