The Glorious Corner: “Breaking Bad, NBC’s “Timeless”, “Murphy Brown” The Monkees Christmas Album and More

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G.H. Harding 

BAD AGAIN — The Emmy-winning AMC drama Breaking Bad is getting another franchise expansion, with a film that has been quietly been put together for a mid-November through early February shoot in New Mexico. It would join prequel series Better Call Saul.

The film is written and will be directed by Breaking Bad creator/executive producer Vince Gilligan, who also co-created and executive produces Saul.

“Breaking Bad”

We hear deals are still being made for the project, which could be a done as a feature if the producers go down that route or could become a TV film/miniseries if it is sold to a TV network or a streaming platform.

This is envisioned as a standalone installment in the Breaking Bad franchise that lives in the Breaking Bad universe. It is unclear whether cast members from the original series, led by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, would return for the film, but we hear the hope is that deals will close for actors to reprise their roles.

The original series ran for five seasons and quickly became a TV phenomenon, spawning the successful prequel series, Better Call Saul, both of which have aired on AMC.

TIMELESS FINALENBC has set a December 20 airdate for the two-hour series finale of Timeless, the time-travel drama it canceled after Season 1 in 2017, uncancelled months later after a fan outcry then axed again in June after its sophomore run.

The network greenlighted the series-wrapping movie in late July. Timeless creators/writers/executive producers Shawn Ryan and Eric Kripke said at the time, “While we wish we could’ve made another dozen seasons of Timeless, this is the next best thing.” Producer Sony Pictures Television had shopped the series to other networks in the summer but was unable to find a new home for it.

The finale will consist of two hour-long episodes.

Timeless launched with a mysterious criminal stealing a secret state-of-the-art time machine, intent on destroying America as we know it by changing the past. It then was up to a soldier (Matt Lanter), a history professor (Abigail Spencer) and a scientist (Malcolm Barrett) to use the machine’s prototype to travel back in time to critical events. Goran Višnjić, Paterson Joseph, Sakina Jaffrey and Claudia Doumit star.

For the record, it was a great show; big production values and a great, great cast. But, that said, sci-fi shows like this don’t last very long. Flash Forward, Heroes,The Event, This whispers, Jericho and Revolution, just some prime examples. Creator Eric Kripke may say he’s happy doing this last two-hour show, but how can he be, if he also says he’d love to have done another dozen seasons?

“Time Tunnel”

This show was high concept for sure but a winning one. One of the many net-posts about this finale blew me away. Here it is: Maybe in the 2-hour movie finale they’ll go back to 1968, rescue Doug and Tony from the Time Tunnel, and then they’ll all join forces to get Rufus back. Great shout-out to another great show, Time Tunnel!

Grant Shaud

SHORT TAKES — CBS’ Murphy Brown-reboot was heavily-hyped, but doing just so-so in the ratings, but, I think the writing is spectacular, though a bit forced. All of the returning actors, Grant Shaud included, are great. Dunno … I’m enjoying it … Hugh Jackman’s new-movie entry The Front Runner is about the 1998 political-debacle of Gary Hart. I remember this … and, the movie ads hype the line, The Week America Went Tabloid. So true. I haven’t seen it yet, but Jackman’s performance is superb … Billboard’s Gary Graff spoke to Monkee-Micky Dolenz this week about the new Monkees Xmas Party album as well as resuming his tour with Michael Nesmith next year … Stopping by later today at the rehearsals for next Monday’s Rockers On Broadway 25celebration at Le Poisson Rouge here in NYC …  And, Neil Young has once again taken to task American President Donald Trump for using his song “Rocking In The Free World” at his rallies but admits there is nothing he can do about it. In a statement Young made it clear that Trump does not have his permission to use the song but Trump does have a legal right to play it. “DT does not have my permission to use the song ‘Rockin’ in the Free World’ at his appearances,” Young posted to Instagram. “Legally, he has the right to, however it goes against my wishes. I made this perfectly clear, after he played it in a media moment to announce his candidacy. I asked him then, in a widely shared, public letter to cease and desist. However, he chose not to listen to my request, just as he chooses not to listen to the many American voices who ask him to stop his constant lies, to stop his petty, nasty name calling and bullying, to stop pushing his dangerous, vilifying and hateful rhetoric. This man does not represent the character of the people in the USA that I have come to know and love.” Young also says he cannot vote but if you can, you should. “I’m Canadian so I can’t vote in the states, but if you can, take this great opportunity to make your voice heard, and Vote”! “Keep on Rocking in the Free World!,” he concluded.

“The Front Runner”

The Monkees “Christmas Party”

NAMES IN THE NEWS — Tammy Filler (Happy Bday!); Heather Mill; Mike McCann; Keith Girard; Andrew Saffir; Dina Pitenis; Randy Alexander; Steve Leeds; Gary Graff; David Salidor; Megyn Kelly; Joey & Cindy Adams; Anthony Noto; Mark Bego; and, CFS.

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