The Glorious Corner: ” CBS’ Elementary “, Stephen Bishop, Rock Photographer Henry Diltz and More

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By G. H. Harding

THEIR FINAL BOW — Seven seasons of CBS’ Elementary ended solemnly Thursday night with their final episode. I have loved this show for seven seasons (Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu just spectacular throughout) and though this episode tried in vain to cover as much territory as possible, it still felt a bit lackluster. Sure they showed Sherlock’s bees, which played a major point in their first few seasons, then disappeared, but no mention of Holmes’s brother Mycroft (brilliantly essayed by Rhys Ifans) or what really may have happened to him; nor, no reference to his father, Morland, who was killed in just a few episodes before the end. Also, Odin Reichenbach,, the major baddie from this season, who was amazingly dispatched in the last episode, was barely spoken about.

The final episode jumped ahead two years and before it was over, jumped ten years! Yes, a tad disturbing, but at least it gave viewers one last chance to see this terrific cast. Aidan Quinn even had a scene, though his character’s wife had passed and he had retired.

To add insult to injury; the NY-feed was preempted by football. I had to view it Friday on demand. Sad postscript for sure.

Ironically, the best part of the episode for me, was in the closing minutes when they made their way to the office of, now, Captain Bell to ask once again, to work with the NYPD. Miller said to Liu, what does it matter as long as we’re together. One of the best series ever on TV … take my word for it.

Peter Fonda

SHORT TAKES — Stephen Bishop at Steve Walter’s Cutting Room Tuesday night. Saw the Bish last year at this time and it was a terrific show. We’ll see if his publicist Michael Jensen is on hand. Details Wednesday … Finally saw Marvel’s Captain Marvel with Brie Larson and was terrifically impressed with her performance. It’s a bit different than most of the other Marvel-movies, but just exceptional. Anette Benning and Jude Law are excellent too … Nice piece on photographer Henry Diltz on NBC’s Sunday Today with Willie Geist. I’ve gotten to know Henry a bit through the years and he more than most, was at the epicenter of many musical events… Watched the first three episodes of David Fincher’s Mindhunter on Netflix and just loved it. New cast addition Michael Cerveris re-unites him with Anna Torv from TV’s much missed Fringe. In fact, the whole show feels like Fringe’s cousin. In one way, it’s just another TV-procedural, but with Fincher’s deft touch and beautiful shots, it’s much, much, more. Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany are terrific; nailing perfectly their characters. Each episode starts with a scene with a soon-to-be-killer. Almost like a movie itself. Recommended very highly … SIGHTINGS: Billion’s Paul Giamatti and his new girlfriend walking down Clinton Street in Brooklyn Heights … Project Grand Slam’s Robert Miller lunching with CEN’s Vinny Rich in Tribeca … What can you say about Peter Fonda; terrific actor for certain, but a visionary force in American history as well His Easy Rider (which apparently was made with money from The Monkees) set about a cultural revolution and certainly changed the movie business forever. The so-called anti-hero was all of a sudden in vogue. I never met him, but I always wanted to. A huge passing. RIP Peter … WOR’s Tom Cuddy sent us a terrific article on Chicago. Take a look: …

Brie Larson
“Supreme Glamour”

Watched some of that Rob Lowe’s roast on Comedy Central. Boy, talk about bad taste. Panelist Ann Coulter looked like a deer caught in the headlights. I watched the Alec Baldwin one and thought it couldn’t get any worse: I was wrong … Early Friday AM, I heard Scott Shannon on CBS FM, talking how one should always consider the microphone on. Later that same day I saw reports of someone on CBS TV making a comment they should not have … on a microphone they thought was off.  Words of Wisdom from Shannon … Always count on it! …  Donnie Kehr’s next Rockers On Broadway edition has been set for November 11. Details to follow. Last year’s event featured Pete Townshend and a reunion of performers from Townshend’s Tommy on Broadway … Supreme Glamour by Mary Wilson and Mark Bego has hit Number One in This makes two #1 Amazon best-sellers in a row for Bego and four Top Ten best-sellers in a row. Supreme Glamour  was also released in Europe and will be released in the U.S. on September 17. Next week we’ll tell you more about Bego’s Rocketman.

Scott Shannon with David Salidor

NAMES IN THE NEWS — Sarah Gore; Jacqueline Boyd;Alan Rothstein; Julie Machover; Elizabeth Neff; Debbie Gibson; Barry Fisch; Bruce Golderg; Wayne Avers;Donna Quinter; Billy Jaymes; Tony King; Mark Bego; and, CHIP.

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