The Glorious Corner: Debbie Gibson, Micky Dolenz, Voices of Extreme, My Father’s Place Reopens and More!

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Voices of Extreme 

G.H. Harding


FOOLISH BEAT AGAINOn June 25, 1988 Debbie Gibson became the youngest person to have written, produced and sung a Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 entirely on her own (still a record among women), as “Foolish Beat” skipped to the top spot. How’d she follow that achievement? The very next day, the then-17-year-old graduated high school.

Now, what do metal-head-band Voices of Extreme and Pop Icon Debbie Gibson have in common? Well for starters, lead vocalist/guitarist Don Chaffin and Debbie are good friends, in addition, they share the screen on this video of the remake of Debbie’s smash hit “Foolish Beat.” On the song’s chart topping 30th anniversary, Voices of Extreme released their official music video which includes a special appearance by Debbie. The song is on the latest album from Voices of Extreme titled Mach III Complete which is on Z-Records.

We always loved this song and think Extreme’s re-do is rather sensational. In fact, the original video, shot by director Jim Yukich, is even mimicked a bit in the updated video as well. We spoke to Debbie’s original PR-man David Salidor about the updated version: “This was hands-down my favorite song by Deborah. Brilliant words and brilliant music. I was also there for the video shoot and it has to be one of Jim’s best ever. The re-make is terrific and a reminder again of just how good a song it was. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many songs of this caliber on the scene right now. But, a good song … is a good song.”

Back in the day: Debbie Gibson and pr-pasha David Salidor

Here’s the clip:

MFP RE-VISITEDLast Friday night was the re-opening of the great My Father’s Place in Roslyn, New York. It was unquestionably, a success. The first show, featuring Buster Poindexter (aka David Johansen) was a terrific choice as he delivered a superb show … which even featured a version of the great “Volare.”

There was a definite sense of both nostalgia and excitement for this inaugural night.

My Father’s Place club’s Eppy

The club is now located in the basement former banquet hall of the Roslyn Hotel. It was packed to the nines for opening night with a genial crowd of 50+-ers. The lighting and sound were just perfect.

The industry, which both needed and supported clubs like these, is a lot different these days. When the original MFP closed in 1987, the business was already starting to change. Next night up was Livingston Taylor and I heard it was another magical night.

The last several years have not been kind to the beleaguered music industry. Michael ‘Eppy’ Epstein vowed to bring this club back to the fore. He has and in exemplary style. This was a definite shot in the arm.

SHORT TAKESMicky Dolenz sang the National Anthem at yesterday’s Phillies game. Watching the video we couldn’t help but notice that Dolenz’s vocal performance more than a bit resembled his Zoser in Disney’s Aida; back in

Micky Dolenz and the Phillies Phanatic

2004. Here’s a shot with the Phillies Phanatic. btw: the Phillies won! … Duane Betts’ debut EP Sketches of American Music is a superb find; his track “Ride It Out” is terrific. He’s at The Beacon Theatre in NYC on July 18 …We haven’t commented on the whole Roseanne-imbroglio. Honestly, we never watched her show the first go-around and didn’t watch the re-boot. According to a report in Roger Friedman’s Showbiz 411 column, comedian Sandra Bernhard really took Roseanne over the coals in a recent show. here, check it out:

… Robert Miller’s jazz/rock band Project Grand Slam, who released their new album Friday, called Trippin’  continues his trend of re-imagining Brit-rock-classics. On the new album they apply that formula to The Who’s 1965 track “I Can’t Explain.”

On previous albums they did the same thing with a Kinks-classic, “You Really Got Me” and Cream’s “I’m So Glad.”  Miller attributes this to the fact that he was among the first to arrive at the famed Woodstock festival (in 1969) and walked in when Joe Cocker was performing his own take on The Beatles “With A Little Help From My Friends.” Miller thought then, and now, that if Cocker could take such recognizable song, and turn it into his own, it was a formula worth remembering … We’re away for the rest of the week. See you on July 9. Happy Fourth!

‘Trippin’ cover

NAMES IN THE NEWS — Tom & Lisa Cuddy; Jodi Ritzen; Randy Alexander; Don Shewey; Carol Miller; Alison Steele; Scott Muni; Jennifer Anne Dawson; William Schill; Victor Kastel; and, CFS.

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