The Glorious Corner: John De Lorean, Neil Young, The Hit Men and More

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Framing John DeLorean
By G.H. Harding

FRAMING JOHN DeLOREAN — We finally made it to the Tribeca Film Festival last week to see the documentary Framing John DeLorean. I was fascinated with this case when it came to pass way back in 1984. How could a man who’d achieved so much, turn to a desperate drug deal, supposedly, to save his ailing company. 

DeLorean, original an engineer, was seemingly a brilliant man who let his press and media cloud his judgement-that’s my take at least.

The film (starring Alec Baldwin, Morena Baccarin and Josh Charles) starts off with comments from various players in the DeLorean-universe about why there’ d never been a documentary on DeLorean previously, when seemingly dozens had been announced. It was a true American downfall: an arrest in a seedy LA hotel; an amazing FBI-backstory; DeLorean, married to a supermodel and soon to be talk-show host; a sizzling trial; an amazing NYC-apartment and Bedminster (New Jersey) estate and an acquittal that would soon lead to another trial. A amazing fall from grace for sure!

The format of the film (directed by Don Argott and Sheena M. Joyce) is interesting, in that at various points during the movie, the actors break the fourth wall and intimately address their feelings to the audience. Baldwin, who is no slouch, talks specifically about his motivation and even address a phone call he had with DeLorean. I appreciated his comments, but they went on far too long in my mind. Sometimes when these behind-the-scenes antics go on too long, the focus is somewhat lost. The cat’s out of the bag.

Baccarin, who I have loved since Homeland and just off the Gotham TV series, talks about DeLorean’s wife Cristina Ferrare and her motivation. For those in the know, Ferrare was the co-host with Regis Philbin for a time in LA. Interestingly enough, that time is not addressed in the movie. Probably … too long ago.

Charles is just terrific as DeLorean’s right-hand man, Bill Collins, first at GM, and then for DeLorean’s company, seems to be the first one who discovered the slush fund … and, was gone the next day. In his musings, he stills feels DeLorean was a maverick, who could indeed come back one day. Impressive performance from the always-reliable Charles.

When DeLorean was acquitted in the first trial, Ferrare abruptly left him, taking their two children who were thrown into a tailspin. The son, Zach, is portrayed as a foul-mouthed, hothead living in a virtual pigsty. Why he and his comments are in the film so much is something I didn’t understand. Sure, he’s bitter, but that’s made pretty clear, pretty quickly. The daughter says the every time she saw the car; old feelings would come back to haunt her. Interestingly, she said when she would bring her father to DeLorean Fan fests (that do exist); he was both amazed and relieved to see such a fan fare. Face it, when Back To The Future re-introduced the car, it was a revival of his fortunes on many fronts.

The so-called second trial was about a slush fund that DeLorean embezzled millions from. That cost him.

He died living in a one-room apartment in New Jersey; still plotting his comeback.

I was transfixed when this all happened; but, it was a long time ago. The OJ-trial certainly eclipsed this one. This on,  I enjoyed tremendously.  And, George Clooney announced last week, he was making a movie about DeLorean.

Neil Young

NEIL YOUNG NEW BOOK — Neil Young has announced a new book chronicling his efforts to improve the quality of digital music.

To Feel The Music: A Songwriter’s Quest to Save High-Quality Audio was co-written by Young and Phil Baker and will be released Sept. 9. According to Young, the book will tell the story of the development of Pono, his short-lived portable digital media player, as well as the Neil Young Archives and Xstream, his high-resolution streaming platform.

To Feel The Music is the story of my efforts to improve the quality of the audio that you hear,” Young wrote in a statement. “It takes you through how the sound was and is compromised by the tech and record companies, and instead of improving over time like other technologies, it has become worse.”

“The issue of improving audio quality has been one of the most important things we’ve been doing for decades, and something I focus on every day,” he added. “We spent a year writing this, and I think you’ll find it interesting and informative.”

To Feel The Music: A Songwriter’s Quest to Save High-Quality Audio is currently available for pre-order here:

“Between The Lines”
David Salidor
Gene Cornish with The Hit Men
(Jeff Smith/ReflectionsNYC)

SHORT TAKES — Here’s two more shots from last weekend Hit Men show at The Cutting Room by Jeff Smith. The Rascal’s Gene Cornish joined the band for a terrific rendition of “Good Lovin’’” and PR-pasha David Salidor, who helped PR the show with Randy Alexander – in front of one of the Mark Kostabi paintings … I love the fact that none other than Mike & The Mechanics (Mike Rutherford) will be the opening act for Phil Collin’s forthcoming tour. Methinks they’ll be one of two Genesis songs performed at the encore. Prog-rock lives …Carvel celebrates 85 years! Congrats … Debbie Gibson manager Heather Moore said that the opening night of the Mix Tape Tour (in Cincinnati) went very, very well. “Not to be missed” was her statement. Author Mark Bego will attend the show on May 22 in Phoenix. Gibson was the subject in his Between The Lines bio (1989); and, one of Gibson’s (and, Tiffany’s) recipes appear in his Eat Like A Rock Star book …I’m not a big Kentucky Derby fan, but Maximum Strength was robbed for sure … I watched the Billboard Awards this week; Madonna looked tired; Taylor Swift’s performance was too colorful; but, Paula Abdul was just sensational. Reprising all her hits, her dance routine was simply astonishing. At 56, she looked great, sounded great and mostly left jaws on the floor. Simply sensational! I predict a major, major comeback for her shortly.

Paula Abdul
(Jeff Smith/ReflectionsNYC

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