The Glorious Corner: Paul McCartney, Star Trek’s Patrick Stewart, NY Post Columnist Cindy Adams, and More

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Cindy Adamas
G. H. Harding

MADAME ADAMS TONY DISS — Cindy Adams’ column yesterday in the New York Post gave her take on last weekend’s Tony Awards and she didn’t hold back. Shellacking is a good description of it. Take a look:

Patrick Stewart

TREK SPEAK — (via DeadlineWhat’s the trick to exploding and rebuilding Star Trek so that new fans embrace it and Trekkies don’t snub it?

“Render onto Caesar what is Caesar’s, everybody from the older generation should be incorporated into the new generation, there should always be respect for both and yet it always has to forge new ground,” says Star Trek: Discovery EP-scribe and director Alex Kurtzman on his secret sauce for dusting off and refurbishing the 53-year old franchise for the small screen.

“The plan is multiple shows,” Kurtzman confirmed to Deadline on his grand plans to have a Star Trek series on CBS All Access at any given point in time in the future, each one distinct.

“It takes really a year from writing to finished product, sort of like animation,” said Kurtzman. VFX on a Star Trek show can take seven months, while a new set can take four-to-five months of construction time. “I have to plan two or three years out from now,” says the EP when it comes to creating a new Star Trek show.

On tonight’s Crew Call, Kurtzman provides an update on the Star Trek animated series which are in production, whether we’ll see young Spock again, the Michelle Yeoh Captain Philippa Georgiou series currently breaking story, season 3 of Discovery and directing season 2 episode 1’s “Brother”.

But most of all, Boucher and I pull out some more details on Picard.

“A lot has happened to Jean-Luc Picard in the intervening years. He had to deal with some new things, and some old things. Both things collide together and he’s made choices that he’s not necessarily feeling great about,” says Kurtzman on the new Star Trek series which is currently shooting in Los Angeles.

As the new teaser trailer indicates, “something has caused him to leave Star fleet and we will find out a lot more about what happened,” says Kurtzman about the spinoff he’s exec producing.

What’s been key and vital on Picard is having Patrick Stewart in the writers’ room (He’s an EP on the series). “He knows Jean-Luc Picard more than anybody,” says Kurtzman.

“We’re reverent of him,” adds the EP, “his opinion on what happens really matters to us. We couldn’t do this show unless he was happy about it.”

If you haven’t seen the brilliant trailer of Picard, here it is:

Paul McCartney

SHORT TAKES — Paul McCartney celebrated his 77th birthday yesterday. Has there ever been a more significant musician or artist of that caliber? Happy BDay Paul and thanks for all the music … Monday night is the launch concert for Broadway Records’ new artist, 12-year old Kjersti Long and her debut album Stronger Than You Think I Am. We’ve heard it and it’s terrifically impressive. Her covers of Pat Benatar’s “Love Is A Battlefield,” Aerosmith’s “Dream On,” and Queen’s “Somebody To Love” are nothing short of brilliant. I believe Van Dean’s Broadway Records has another hit on their hands. The event will take place at The Bitter End in NYC. We’ll be on the scene and have a full report … Speaking of Broadway Records … did you see the recent story on Van Dean and the label in Forbes? Here it is: … Here’s a photo of social-influencer Wendy Stuart Kaplan on the set of her now-shooting Working Dogs: A Love Story … Happened to tune into America’s Got Talent last night; and the act they were presenting had about a dozen dogs involved. How can you have dogs and not win? btw: Didn’t care for the new judges. Miss Heidi Klum … CBS’ The Good Fight, the sequel to the much-missed Good Wife, finally debuted on CBS-prime after 2 years on their pay-station CBS All Access. It was, rather brilliant. The same high-quality package as before and just sensational writing. Christine Baranski, reprising her role from Wife, was off the charts. Spectacular … Micky Dolenz on Good Day LA next Friday …

Wendy Stuart Kaplan
Debra Messing
Stronger Than You Think I Am 

Emmy Award winner Debra Messing will be in NY next year to star in the Roundabout Theatre Company’s production of Birthday Candles, new pop rock musical opening Off-Broadway this fall at the Theatre at St.Clements. Previews begin Oct. 8, 2019 for a Oct. 21 opening … Happy Bday Anthony Lopez!

NAMES IN THE NEWS — Van Dean; Anthony Pomes; Greg Messel; Mark Bego; Wendy Stuart Kaplan; William Schill; Tom & Lisa Cuddy; Keith F. Girard; Gilbert & Dara Gottfried; Donald Berman; Mitch Dolan; Race Taylor; Lessa Csolak; Dina Pitenis. 

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